Previous Modual workshops

During Modual: Mumbai, we'll encourage you to develop innovative digital projects that have the potential to change the world.

None of the projects below existed before our Modual workshops in London and New York. Each concept was thought out and executed over the two weeks, by teams who had never met before.

The application deadline for the workshop in Mumbai is Friday 30 June 2017.

Visit our Modual: Mumbai page to find out more and apply.

  • Yellow Cart

    New York

    Yellow Cart is a flexible platform that empowers individuals to start businesses within their own communities.

  • Next Door

    New York

    Next Door celebrates and maintains culture in neighborhoods through a curated digital experience

  • Crunch


    Crunch is an app that arranges spontaneous creative exchanges over lunch.



    PUNCT brings people together on time in the best possible way, by making punctuality and the world around you into a game.

  • Pride Ride


    Pride Ride is an app that aims to work with taxi providers to provide a non-discriminatory service.



    MANUAL encourages people to see the potential uses of thrown away objects.

  • Souvenir


    Souvenir gives a helping hand to people who need to find a unique gift.

  • BuzzMate


    BuzzMate lets 8-15 year old hospital patients connect with others in their ward to play games and socialise.