Victoria Schmierer

Victoria, profile on the street.
Victoria Schmierer, BA Fashion Management

What course are you studying and why did you choose it?

BA (Hons) Fashion Management. I chose this course because I was intrigued by the business side of fashion - I wanted to gain the skills and knowledge, which are essential for working in such a fast paced, ever changing industry.

And why did you choose London College of Fashion?

As I’m originally from Germany, the prospect of moving to London, of meeting new people and being in new surroundings seemed very appealing and challenging at the same time. I chose London College of Fashion for its excellent reputation on the one hand, and for its experienced, well connected team of professors on the other hand.

What were you doing before joining the course?

I was taking a gap year after I had completed my A-levels and was doing various internships in consulting and later on at the German fashion brand Rich&Royal. This and my part-time job in retail reassured me of my decision to study a fashion related course.

Tell me about your experience of the course. What are the highlights so far?

One of my highlights was learning about economics and finance in the second term of my first year at LCF. Our professor, Abdullah, was able to take away all of our prejudice concerning this subject and turned it into a fun, eye-opening experience that most of us still look back to. The Fashion Enterprise Management project was another highlight, as we got to found our own company and develop and sell our own product. My group created a book showcasing Londoners’ diverse opinions on personal style and won the prize for the best overall entrepreneurial idea and execution awarded by the Fashion Business School.

What are the facilities like at LCF?

Although LCF does not offer an integrated ‘campus experience’, I always like to think that London is our campus! The facilities at LCF serve their purpose perfectly - I could spend hours in the library at John Princes street and love the lively atmosphere around High Holborn.

What are the LCF staff like?

Three words - kind, professional, supportive.

What is the balance of theoretical and practical work on the course?

Throughout year 1, I felt there was a good balance between practical and theoretical work. For one of our first projects in term 1 we had to conduct primary research and present our results in front of our seminar groups - this pushed us to be creative in interviewing employees and customers in London shops, whilst requiring us to analyse our results according to theory. Term 2 was very much about learning the theoretic basics of finance and economics, but also gave us the chance to engage with financial markets and independently create a business report. Term 3 focused on practical work, although we also had to evidence our entrepreneurial work through a holistic and professional business plan.

How have you found living in London?

When I first moved to London I felt both excited and intimidated - not only because of the size of the city, but also because I didn’t know anyone and because english is not my first language. However, I quickly found myself discovering the city, improving my english and making friends from all over the world, which has had a great impact on my personal growth and happiness! It also helped me to share my experience on my blog

Have you been to any events put on by the College (the Inside the Industry series, for example)?

I always try to sign up for the Inside the Industry events - it’s incredibly inspiring to listen to the likes of Imran Amred and Simon Ward, as well as ask them questions about their experience of working in fashion. Within my course we were also lucky to have ‘Meet the Experts’ taking place every week, where we had entrepreneurs and managers from companies such as Tiffany & Co, Harrods and Reiss come to speak to us and give us advice about starting a career in fashion.

Have you got involved with any societies, extra curriculum activities or the Student's Union?

Last year I was one of the student representatives for our course and I loved organising events, as well as talking to new applicants at the Offers Day.

Do you have any tips for prospective students (about the course / LCF / living in London)?

If you think you won’t be accepted at LCF - apply anyway! If you’re scared of moving to another city - embrace the independence, it will make you grow!