Sophia Du

Sophia Du studies MA Fashion Futures at LCF, a pioneering course that encourages a variety of approaches from speculation, theories and practices to explore, create and communicate new perspectives on fashion.

MA Fashion Futures stands out amongst the many programs offered at the London College of Fashion. It is unique in the way that both the lectures and projects are open to interpretation. Course leaders and tutors strive to tailor the program to benefit the interests of current students. Lectures offered by the program are not designed to merely dispense specialised knowledge; rather, they focus on the formation of perspectives and perceptions. As students, we are constantly presented with new ideas and ways of thinking to help us better formulate our own philosophies in the current design environment. We are continually challenged to think about the future, and ways to moving design forward - but the degree of futurity is defined by the preferences of each student.

While there are many programs in different universities that offer a similar philosophy of design, MA Fashion Futures is special in that it applies it directly to the fashion industry. In the design aspect, we are not restricted to traditional designs of forms and materials. Instead, we expand our methods to the processes and environments around the body. Even though theory is a large component of the program, there is also ample support for making.

Indeed, one of the best aspects in this program is the amount of support that we receive from the tutors and guest speakers. In every studio and tutorial session, we all engage in lengthy one-on-one discussions about our project and our personal design philosophies. These focused sessions are always beneficial for conceiving new ideas and determining new directions to move forward in our designs.