Nimish Shah

Why did you choose LCF?

Because it is one of the best fashion colleges in the world, it has a fantastic library and brilliant design school. The college brand alone works magic on the companies.  It's like, if you are from LCF, half the battle is won!

Best part of the course?

Width and breadth of the course content. Tailor-made modules that suit the current needs of the industry. Multiple career possibilities, for example you could be a fashion buyer, project manager, creative consultant, designer and have a fantastic insight in entrepreneurship in fashion business - which is all you need! Also, the course has great engagement with industry partners and realistic project briefs that are true to industry requirements.

Most valuable advice you've been given?

There's two pieces actually -

If you don't ask, you don't get!

You should never compromise research, and pull as many strings as possible, for any project. The more favours you can ask, the more you are getting on in this industry!

What or who inspires you most?

Again there's two people -

Paulo Melim Anderson, Creative Director at Chloe - obviously for his design sense and magnificent people skills

Yasmin Sewell, Ex-Buying Director at Browns. She has a very good aura, you would just forget all your stress by looking at her. Her eye for fashion is just as good as her beauty! She remains the inspiration for all that I design.

Ultimate ambition?

To have my own fashion business, work as a freelance consultant and be part of the textiles ministry late in my life.

What's London life like?

Super fast! You get to learn so much but living in London is a challenge. The city spoils you with the goodies and disciplines you whilst you are independent. It gives you both, the opportunities and the competition. It is the place where only the fittest survive. Oh, and it does get a bit soggy a few times throughout the year!