Matt Braun

Matt used the LCF Careers service to secure a job with Abercrombie & Fitch in Ohio, USA.

Why did you choose LCF?

I did a one-year Foundation Art and Design course, to start with, and was always interested in fashion, although my background is more fine art and print-based. My portfolio had no fashion in it before I started the Foundation at LCF. I used to do a lot of graffiti-led design and from that I started really looking at what people were wearing and I just knew I wanted to do menswear.

Best part of the course?

Apart from getting the job?! Learning so much from scratch, like pattern cutting. Also, working with companies all the way along, you feel like you're in the business already.

Most valuable advice you've been given?

I got told that the fashion industry is too hard to get into. But then my tutors at LCF had faith in me and told me that if I worked hard I could do it. And I have.

Ultimate ambition?

To set up my own thing, but I want it to be very one-off and not mainstream at all. That's a long way off though.

When do you start at Abercrombie & Fitch?

October. I'm really excited. The offices are so laid back but you've obviously got to be prepared to work hard. It'll be 10/12 hour days, but I'm ready for that. I'll learn so much. The attention to detail in every garment they produce is incredible. I'm really looking forward to getting started.