Malwina Suwinska

Malwina's final year focussed on designs for the production of Human Zoo. She also entered the PAM Make-Up competition and was awarded second place.

Congratulations on the PAM award – can you tell us a bit more about it and your designs?

I chose to take part in the PAM competition to get a chance to introduce myself to make-up artists Kate Benton and Jan Sewell. I think it is a better way of applying for work than just sending my CV. As for design, I chose a bald cap because, as a new graduate, I couldn't afford to produce facial prosthetics required, for example, for ageing or sex change make up.

What were you doing before you came to LCF?

I’m from Poland, where I’ve spent most of my life in the theatre. I came to London to study English language. Four years later, I had my son and decided that I wanted to make prosthetics for a living.

What was the best bit about the course?

Creating prosthetics and make-up effects, and the ability to design, create and collaborate with the other performance courses, which was great preparation for the industry.

What are you doing at the moment?

At the moment, I am working on the ‘Iron Lady’ (2011), a film about Margaret Thatcher, and designing prosthetics for a much smaller feature film, due to start shooting next month.

How do you think the course helped prepare you to work in the industry?

I’m happy that I did the course. I think preparing for the BA Showcase in the Cochrane Theatre truly showed us what it is going to be like in the industry. Also now, when I’m working, I meet people who know my tutors Dee Redd and Geoff Portass and I’m proud to say that they taught me.