Lau Cheuk In

Lau Cheuk In won the Fung Foundation Scholarship and studied BA Fashion Marketing at LCF for one year. Now she is back at Hong Kong Polytechnic University to continue her BA studies, majoring in Fashion and Textile Marketing.

What made you want to study at LCF?

London College of Fashion is a prestigious college that not only provides students with exceptional education, but also numerous exposures to the industry of their interest. I find this invaluable for students as gaining opportunities and insights into the industry during university studies makes a huge difference to career prospects. This was a major reason for choosing LCF as my desired study abroad destination.

Why did you choose BA Fashion Marketing?

Fashion always amuses me, and fashion marketing is an exciting field of knowledge that integrates perfectly with business theories and the extravaganza of fashion. This is driving me to choose fashion marketing as my major in university studies.

You won the Fung Foundation Scholarship. How did you find out about the scholarship? How has it helped you progress with your studies?

It is my utmost honour to be awarded the Fung Foundation Scholarship that entitled me for the 6-month study abroad experience at LCF. The scholarship not only acknowledges my hard work and abilities, but also motivates me to pursue further academic excellence. The studying experience at LCF is very beneficial for both of my personal and professional development. I would also like to express my greatest gratitude for the generous amount of financial support from the scholarship that empowers me to concentrate on my studies and further pursue my all-around development.

How was your living experience in London?

It was fantastic and very memorable. I would say the lifestyle in London is a mix of fulfilment and relaxation. There is a lot to explore in terms of arts, cultures, histories, and fashion, for example, visiting museums and participating in fashion gathering events. While at the same time, I can easily enjoy a sense of relaxation simply by walking in the parks.

Tell me about your experience of the course. What were the highlights?

I enjoyed the course very much as I not only gained knowledge, but also valuable chances to broaden my horizons relating to the fashion industry. The highlights would be the extra-curricular activities organised by the college, for example, the Paris study trip that students could participate in to attend an important fashion tradeshow in Paris - Premiére Vision, allowing students to apply what they have learnt in the classroom.

What skills did you learn at LCF and are still using today?

I have honed my presentation and communication skills significantly as LCF nurtures students such abilities through frequent class presentations and interactions. The attribute to express ideas clearly and professionally is essential not only in the fashion marketing arena, but also crucial to my personal development, for example, being a MC or a host to interview guests.

In addition to fashion marketing, what are your areas of interest?

I am passionate in acting, reporting, writing, dancing, and singing. Therefore, in addition to striving for academic excellence, I seek opportunities to pursue these interests during my university studies. For example, being a MC for a fashion show, a host interviewing exceptional guests, writing articles for a lifestyle magazine, reporting live traffic news in a radio company, etc. I am very grateful that I was offered these opportunities, allowing me to explore my interests and unleash my hidden potential.

What are you doing now?

I am back to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to continue my BA studies, majoring in Fashion and Textile Marketing.

What advice would you give students considering studying on BA Fashion Marketing course at LCF?

Having the initiative to explore and possessing an active learning attitude, is the key, be it inside or outside of classroom. LCF provides students with a range of opportunities to get insight into the real-life fashion industry. Grabbing such chances to learn and broaden your horizons would definitely enrich your learning.

Would you like to study at LCF again or work in London?

Definitely. My studying experience at LCF is very memorable and rewarding. I have gained valuable industry exposures, practical knowledge, and networking opportunities. LCF is a heart-warming family to me, with an outstanding learning atmosphere and teachers and students who are very passionate and active. I am glad that I have had such a wonderful study abroad experience with LCF and would definitely love to pursue further study at LCF again. Working in London is fascinating to me as it is a beautiful city rich in cultures and diversities, so definitely a yes if such opportunities arise.