Gsus Lopez

Winner of the Grand Prix ASVOFF Barcelona 2012 for Best Film for Ephemeral Nature, Gsus was recently commissioned to produce 'It Melts,' a film to launch Pigeons & Peacocks Issue 6.

I chose to study my BA in Fashion Media at London College of Fashion part time because I was supporting myself financially, so this meant I could continue paying my rent and tuition fees. I worked as a receptionist in a bank for a few months then in an office role for three years.

I was determined to make a change in my life and it gave me hope to know that at the end of the day I could hopefully find a job that was more creative. In my second year I focused on my studies in creative media and my teacher encouraged me to try working with film instead of photography. I worked in an office Monday to Wednesday each week so that from Thursday to Sunday I could concentrate on my university work and be creative.

The ‘It Melts’ video was my third film, but the first one I was paid to create. The LCF magazine Pigeons & Peacocks commissioned the film and did open casting for the main role. We had to work hard to get permission to shoot in the locations around London and the result is a collaboration of me and a cinematographer, editor and camera operative. There’s a bit more about my work on my Showtime profile.

I finished the film during my summer break and we’re submitting it to festivals now, such as the Berlin Fashion Film Festival while I’m focusing on my final project, which will be another short film titled ‘Out’. There will be a final group show for the course in June.

The good thing about taking the part time course at London College of Fashion is that every day I was working in a corporate environment I felt I was working towards the days when I could get creative and do the thing that makes me happy. Only time will tell how successful it’s going to be.

My work has now been seen in publications in Italy, Spain, the U.S. and the UK and I’ve now been picked up to work for a Madrid-based creative agency after the course, so I’m excited for the future.

It Melts

Commissioned to launch Pigeons & Peacocks Issue 6

Ephemeral Nature

Winner of the Grand Prix ASVOFF Barcelona 2012 for Best Film