Emily Louizides

Emily Louizides is a 3rd Year BA (Hons) Hair and Make-up for Fashion student and professional in the Fashion Industry who is dedicated to creating art-based beauty. Emily’s skill set, shaped by both American and British perspectives, is constantly evolving and she shoots self-directed editorials in London, as creative director and hair and make-up artist.

Her work has been published in Polyester, Eclectic, Pigeons & Peacocks, Wonderland, Metal and No Substance Magazine. Emilie has helped prepare Gigi Hadid for events during New York Fashion Week and she has worked on shoots for Harper's Bazaar, Teen Vogue, Interview Magazine and WSJ Magazine.

What made you want to study at LCF?

After completing two years at an American University I decided to transfer to LCF so I could pursue hair and makeup for a degree, the option I had been searching for with an academic emphasis.

Why did you choose this course?

When I looked at the BA Hons Hair and Makeup for Fashion course, I knew the scheme of work was well suited to my individual habits, processes and perspective. I loved the idea of a lot of self-directed study and it was refreshing to see that each term would seamlessly lead into the next.

What has the teaching been like?

The entire course followed a clear and comprehensive path that conditioned me in both creative and practical ways. My tutors emphasized the importance of supporting the individual just as much as the cohort. I received equal and valuable individual and class instruction from my tutors, and insight and advice from visiting industry experts. Each unit was based on art and supported by academic research and cultural studies. The teaching helped me broaden my interests and skill set. I began uni at LCF thinking I wanted to be a hair and makeup artist but now I’m eager and ready to pursue a career in media that stems from creative direction and production.

What made you want to start your own business?

I met the Student Enterprise Team at a networking and career event put on by LCF at the beginning of my third year of uni. At the time I was interested in pursuing a permanent position (post-grad) within an existing business or brand. The team explained that starting my own business could be a viable option. When they took a look at my Instagram and website and I explained my intent to create and curate art-based beauty a light bulb went off between the three of us and we began brainstorming ideas for a multimedia platform and e-commerce site.

How has The Student Enterprise Team supported your business development?

The Student Enterprise Team helped me recognise my personal style and encouraged me to put my skills into practice. Their informative workshops, panels and seminars, and availability and willingness to meet one-on-one have given me the tools and confidence to begin my career and eventually launch a business of my own.

What is the main critical success factor you would say every new business needs to know?

Every new business should have a firm understanding of finance and marketing before launching. These branches of the industry may not appeal to most creative professionals but they are what support and sustain the artistic vision and success of a brand. It is imperative that a new professional establishes a schedule and projections for their business’s first year of expected expenses and profits.