Ane Lynge Jorlen

Ane studied BA in Film and Media and was freelancing as a fashion writer and also modelling, before she decided to study MA Fashion Cultures here at LCF.

Can you tell us something about what you were up to before you started the MA?

I had just finished a BA in Film and Media and I was freelancing as a fashion writer and also modelling.

Why did you choose this particular Masters course?

The MA History and Culture of Fashion course was a unique opportunity for me to focus on fashion from a historical and theoretical viewpoint. To my knowledge, it is the only MA degree available on fashion history and culture in the world.

Can you give us an example or two of particular projects or pieces of work that you undertook during the course?

Very early on I realised that I wanted to focus on fashion magazines. For my MA dissertation I explored the phenomenon 'porn chic'. I looked at the representations of porn chic imagery in contemporary niche fashion magazines and drew on theories from feminism and postmodernism to make sense of them. For the Contemporary Approaches to Fashion essay, I used Foucault to explore Sleaze magazine's use of reverse discourse.

And something about the 'structure' of the course and how it was taught?

We were introduced to fashion as an interdisciplinary subject. It was truly amazing to be part of a course where we met people whose work I had previously encountered. I learnt a lot from Elizabeth Wilson and Chris Breward, who came in and spoke to us about their work.

What about your fellow students? Can you tell us something about them?

The students came from different academic backgrounds, which helped, as we all brought different competences to the course.

What have you been doing since completing the course?

I have completed a PhD at London College of Fashion. In addition to this, I have been editing and writing for various fashion magazines. I have taught at LCF and I just accepted a position at Parsons in Paris, where I will be teaching the History of Fashion.

How do you think the MA helped you with this?

It has helped me tremendously. It helped me think differently, it prepared me for my research degree and introduced me to the methodologies of the field and key thinkers.

And finally - any words of advice for students who may want to follow in your footsteps?

Read and write as much as possible! And think critically about fashion and your methods.