Simone Brewster

Simone Brewster's approach is an infusion of the cultures and experiences she is exposed to everyday in cosmopolitan London, the capital she was born and lives in. Whether she is designing furniture or jewellery, her focus is about highlighting the relationship artefacts have with the body and space. She describes her pieces as "intimate architectures".

Both architectural and sculptural, her signature is evident whether she is working at the scale of the body or that of an entire space. Her collection of furnishings, adornment and objects reveals an intimate approach to materials and their texture.  She started her career in architecture after training at the Bartlett School of Architecture. With an ever-growing interest in the relationship between space, the body and the objects that occupy the voids in between, she went on to study Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London. Her work has showcased in alternative exhibitions and events in London and Paris.

Simone is a founding member of collective FLOCK who aim to bring talent to the forefront of art, architecture and design. Both through this platform and independently, Simone has curated events on design, art and culture.