Rosemary Varley

Rosemary Varley is Subject Director for Marketing and Retail and the Fashion Business School Research Coordinator.

Rosemary Varley has 20 years' experience in Higher Education and has taught broadly in the areas of retailing and fashion management, including marketing strategy and supply chain management. She is also interested in sustainable fashion.

As Subject Director for Marketing and Retail at LCF, Rosemary's role includes research development for colleagues, curriculum development (writing new courses and units), academic mentoring and publishing academic articles and books. As the Fashion Business School Research Coordinator, Rosemary sits on the LCF research committee and other senior staff committees within the School.

Rosemary recently updated two textbooks that she has published: Retail Product Management: Buying and Merchandising, 3rd Edition (Routledge) and Principles of Retailing, 2nd Edition (co-authored by Professor Mohammed Rafiq), the first edition of which has been translated into Chinese and Russian. She has also undertaken external examining roles at Brighton University, Manchester Metropolitan University and Leeds Beckett University.

We caught up with Rosemary to find out more:

What inspires you about what you do?

I love to see students come in with dreams and illusions about the fashion industry and go out of our college as agents of change with ambitious and realistic goals.

What would a typical session with your students involve?

There is really no such thing as a typical session as I teach in so many different modes, from large multi-media lectures, seminars and workshops, to one-to-one dissertation tutorials. I use a lot of academic theory in my teaching; sometimes students initially find this hard to digest, but I apply it so that in the end they get to understand how useful it can be for organising their ideas.

What makes the business courses at LCF unique?

Our courses teach business and management in a fashion context. Many other courses separate the business modules from the fashion modules. Students at LCF are immersed in the fashion world from day one in all classes.

What do graduates of the business and management courses go on to do?

Our fashion business and management graduates go on to lead buying departments, marketing departments, manage fashion brands from luxury to mass market, and run their own businesses. We give them the knowledge and skills to hit the ground running and then move fast up the organisation to take on leadership roles.