Lucy Panesar

Lucy Panesar by Josh De Souza Crook

Lucy works as an Academic Support Lecturer here at LCF, across all courses. She tells us a bit about her work and and gives advice to prospective students.

What inspires you about what you do?

The students I work with are a constant source of inspiration, not only their fascinating and diverse research projects but also their drive and determination. I am also inspired by the fabulous work being done at LCF in Widening Participation and Sustainability.

What kinds of work do you do with the students?

I provide 1-1 support to students from all courses on various aspects of their studies, but mainly in developing academic research and writing skills. I also work with teams to deliver on pre-entry initiatives like Runway and core units such as ISHE.

What makes LCF unique?

So many things… The breadth of courses on offer, spanning from design to management and science, bringing students from different disciplines with a common interest in what we wear together. It’s also unique for being a responsible institute, leading the way in ethical design and manufacture.

What key advice would you give to someone applying for LCF?

If you’re applying to study or work at LCF try not to feel intimidated by it’s fabulous reputation. It certainly lives up to it, but the people here are still very friendly, welcoming and down to earth.

How would you describe your own style?

Someone said last year that I appear to be honoring my Punjabi heritage, as I tend to wear long oversized tops and my hair in a topknot!

What’s the best thing about the students at LCF?

They are all so different! I’m quickly learning here that there is no such thing as a typical fashion student.

What’s your favorite LCF space?

The staff room at JPS. It’s a nice place to relax and recharge as well as meeting other staff.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Currently much of my spare time is devoted to completing my Masters in Education! Aside from that I like to wind-down with long walks, yoga and listening to the radio, and I take advantage of term breaks to have adventures and see the world – I love to travel!