Bernadette Deddens

Photography by James Rees.

Bernadette is Course Leader for BA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery at London College of Fashion. Here she talks to us about her experience and what students can expect from her course.

Tell us about your professional experience and background?

I have been a lecturer on the Fashion Jewellery course for 7 years and Course Leader since last year and I am also a founding partner in a design and curatorial practice.

What makes your course unique?

BA Fashion Jewellery is about aspiration and identity that voices the currents of our time through the medium of jewellery. We take a more flexible approach to jewellery design than traditional jewellery and sustainable practice and innovation in craft and technology are at the heart of our course. Being idea-led, it is not limited by specific materials, technologies and forms/typologies, we have a broad perspective on products and aim for each student to achieve their individual potential to become independent critical designers, thinkers and makers.

What, if anything, have you found surprising about teaching on this course?

I love being surprised by unexpected and extraordinary ideas about jewellery.

What inspires and excites you in terms of your area of practice?

Fashion Jewellery is a fantastic medium to express current ideas, identities and narratives. There are few boundaries, it is concept led, multimedia and by its very nature rooted in collaboration.

What could graduates of the course go on to do?

As diverse as their work, our students pursue a varied range of career paths, some set up their own label, others work as designers, makers, forecasters or stylists in the fashion jewellery industry or pursue a Master’s degree such as MA Fashion Artefact.

And briefly, how would you sum up the LCF experience to prospective students?

A positive and collaborative experience where students learn to voice their ideas through fashion. Being part of a large fashion dedicated college allows students to work with students from other fashion disciplines creating global professional relations that last well into their careers.