Trey Taylor

Image: Caitlin Beatrice Reid

Hailing from Canada, Trey Taylor is Editorial Assistant at Dazed & Confused. He graduated from the PGCert in 2013.

Why did you choose to study journalism at LCF?

After a brief look at the list of distinguished alumni, it just made sense to add to that list! I talked to a lot of people who were doing jobs that I wanted in the industry, and a similar pattern cropped up of a lot of them having studied at LCF.

What were you doing before you applied for the PGCert?

Before I applied for the PGCert, I was editing an independent biannual magazine called HUSK. I got my feet wet and it was great to start at the top as an editor, even if it was just a team of three! I also wrote freelance for a couple of places and took care of the fashion features section for F.A.T. magazine (fashion, art, type) where I interviewed people like Kate Bosworth and Stefan Sagmeister. I read everything I could get my hands on while working a nine-to-five telemarketing job, tethered to the phone lines. There are so many fashion magazines that sit on back shelves that are viable outlets for countercultural ideas. It really pays to know the market - or how will your ideas be any different?

And what was it about the PGCert that particularly appealed?

To be frank, what most appealed about the PGCert was the Course Director. Glenn Waldron has a deep well of experience as former editor of i-D magazine. I really explored my options before settling, interviewing journalists I admired to ask what steps they took to get to where they are now. In effect, it was the same process with Glenn, but over a longer period of several months.

Did you find London inspiring?

There is a new story (read: a new pitch) anywhere you go within the M25. It sounds cheesy, but you don’t have to scrape the dark corners of the internet for a new idea when they whack you in the face. Also, all the best magazines are published here. There’s got to be a reason for that.

What particular skills or insight did the PGCert give you?

The PGCert taught me I need a full time editor! It was great to bounce my ideas off of my peers and see whether they sunk or float. Plus, being in a room with your competition is a practical lesson on how best to set yourself apart.

How did the Dazed job come about?

Almost everyone at Dazed & Confused started out as an intern. So did I. I started out in marketing with my heart set on moving to editorial. It seemed like a really long wait and there were times when I felt like giving up, but then I remembered how many hungry people could easily slide into my spot if I went out to get popcorn. Plus, it was only, like, three months. I’m just incredibly impatient. I staked it out and I am so, so glad I didn’t give up because my job is thoroughly enjoyable. At this level and levels higher, there are still complainers, but none of them had to work at Dollarama, so I’m really thankful.

Tell us about an average day at Dazed?

Filling out budgets, sending out requests for pitches, updating the issue list. Then attending the iTunes Festival, London Film Fest, Fashion Week… You know, the usual.

Finally, what advice would you give to would-be journalists and editors thinking about applying for the course?

Start now. Everything comes to those who wait, but it’s usually been left by those who didn’t.