Roberto Aguilar

Roberto Aguilar

MA Fashion Photography

Can you tell us something about what you were doing before you started on the MA Fashion Photography course?

I was, and am still, shooting for Bed Head Studio in Battersea. I also do most of their post-production. This is TIGI's photographic studio where all their international campaigns are shot. Their brands include BED HEAD, CATWALK, S-FACTOR and others.

How did you get involved with the photographing of the Jimmy Choo and Ugg collection?

I was recommended to Jimmy Choo by a good friend who works for Harper's in the UK.

Why did you choose this particular Masters course?

It is the only Masters program that I know of which specialises in fashion photography.

How did you find the course structure and the way in which you were taught?

I have found it quite insightful. It has completely changed the way I shoot and look at things.

Can you give us an example or two of particular projects that you undertook on the course?

The module Future Chic, had assignments about the headlines. I picked a headline that I had followed for many years. This headline was Roman Polanski. After all the research, I actually changed my opinion about Polanski and shot a 16 page fashion story accordingly.

For Contextual Studies, I decided to do a story about gang members in my country of El Salvador. I wanted to show that the two main gangs had become so well known because of their violence and that they were quickly becoming a sort of sub-culture. In a way, it was a continuation of Future Chic's assignment about headlines, since they are constantly in the headlines.

How has the MA helped you?

The MA has helped me by changing the way I will look at an assignment and the way I shoot it.

And finally - do you have any words of advice for other students who may want to follow in your footsteps?

Don't DO IT!!!!


I'm kidding.

If you love what you're doing then you won't mind the hard work that goes with it. I am still enjoying the journey.