Ophelia Wu

Ophelia Wu is the Assistant Editor at Elle magazine (Hong Kong). She studied MA Fashion and Film

What made you choose this course at LCF?

I had been a student of film studies in the past and I've always wanted to do a fashion theory course, so I chose to do MA Fashion and Film. LCF is the best school in London that offers such interesting and unique fashion courses. Also I've always loved London, so LCF was the best option!

How do you feel your course helped you in your career and did you think you would end up where you have?

The theories and history of fashion I've learnt from my course helped me understand more about the origin and evolution of fashion. I write a lot of fashion features and designer interviews at work, the course helped me to know the right place and right references to look into when I do my research and writings. Also it inspires me to write with a more interesting angle, with enriched content.

What are your fondest memories of your time at LCF? Do you have any particular anecdotes or a project you worked on?

My fondest memories of my time at LCF are the times I spent with my classmates, and the times I buried myself in the library with countless fascinating fashion books. It's always a love and hate relationship with the LCF library, because there are so many precious books that I'd want to borrow and read, but there's never enough quota to borrow all of them!

Do you have any thoughts about the tutors, environment and events held by the College while you were here?

The tutors were amazing - they are really helpful and supportive. They're so knowledgeable and keep up on the latest news and trends as well. I really enjoy being in the John Prince’s Street campus, if not in CSM Southampton row campus.

What would you say to a current or prospective student wanting to do your course?

It's an intense course with loads of information and knowledge, but it's also a very interesting and practical course in terms of application to the way you see fashion and the culture on a deeper level. Lots of writing and essays, therefore be sure to have more than enough time to read and research on articles, journals and basically anything outside the reading list that is related. Other than that, just enjoy what the College and the city has to offer.