MA15 Film Gallery

A selection of graduating work from MA Fashion Media Production; some of these films were shown at the Institute of Contemporary Arts as part of the London Short Film Festival.

Folie a Deux (2014) (05:11); directed by Poon Sap

Atmospheric and haunting, a dysfunctional relationship turns toxic. Informed by biographical research into the dynamics of notorious murderous couples, this film shot in black and white, uses the windy white cliffs of Dover as a backdrop. 

Director, Poon Sap; Directors of Photography; Dream Jenjesda, Boon Sorrasak; Stylist, Sophie Drakou; Hair & Make-up, Rowan Guest; Music Composer, Kevin R Ladino; Singer, Alesha M Nejad; Production Assistant, Lyanta Callender. 

The Letter (2014) (02.50); directed by Zhe Guo

A pearl earring and a letter are the hooks for this short film about self-revelation and personal expression. Gender boundaries are flexed on the dramatic rooftops and industrial backdrops of contemporary Shanghai. 

Directed and edited by Eric Zhe Guo. Featuring Walker. Music, Ballerina Platform Shoes Set in Sand by Origamibro.

Release (2014) (02.56); directed by Raki Cheng

The transition from childhood to adulthood is presented as whimsical and poetic in this reflective and visually compelling short film. Featuring a performance from the director’s very own childhood friend, this is a personal film with a universal theme.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Set Builder - Raki Cheng

Escape (2:40); directed by Raki Cheng Huang

One of two films by Raki Cheng reflecting on the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Starring Aanastaiisia Gorda; styling by Raki Cheng; styling assistant, Eric Kwok; hair and make-up, Mellisa Wong; textile designer, Sophie Tan; photographer, Mina Son; asssitant, Echo Lin, music by Nicole Reynolds.

The Inner Troll (2014) Luisa Rodriguez

'Technology alienates us from ourselves, dehumanising us and turning us into self-made monsters of a new sort altogether' writes Asme in On Monsters (2009) This film uses fashion, contemporary dance and sound to explore the idea of modern technology and digital media as today's monster.

Director & Concept; Luisa Rodriguez. Production; Luisa Rodriguez and Lyanta Callender. Designer; Nicole Paskauskas. DOP; Mathmatthew D'Urban-Jackson. Dancer; Yasmin Sas. Editing; Katherine James. Music; The Horror by Lucy and Excorcise by Gazelle Twin.