MA14 Film Gallery

A collection of films by MA students at London College of Fashion. Shown as part of the MA14 exhibition at Victoria House Basement in February 2014.

What Inspired Me: ‘Larghetto’ (4:12)

An experimental fashion film that describes itself as a "motion moodboard", Larghetto is an audio visual aesthetic experience that explores emotion, memory and sensory perception. inspired by the personal experience of daydreaming, this film examines how the past and the inner workings of our brain can affect the creative process. Editing and composite constructions were achieved by Final Cut Pro X.

Dystopia (1:35) - warning: flashing imagery

Shot in the industrial ruins of Turda in Eastern Europe’s Romania, this black and white fashion film explores existential angst in dystopic societies. Created from the static images of two photographic essays, this ‘experimental collage’ is characterised by a dissonant sound track and rapid editing which gives the impression of anxious movement. Drawing inspiration from the myth of Sisyphus, the model who desires escape is condemned to return constantly to the same place. Her clothes may change but her existence does not.

Souvenir (4:48)

Every object tells a story and this film explores the secret lives of objects, the memories they hold and the power they can exert over humans. A visually arresting, bold piece of film making, the protagonist, an ordinary girl who is addicted to speed culture, finds herself transported out of her everyday existence through a series of objects. A multi-sensorial, visually compelling treatment that explores memory and the subconscious, Souvenir is a beguiling offer.

Direction and script: Worakan Wongprecha; Featuring: Ame Vannapa; Cinematographer: Virunan Chiddaycha; Editor: Non Palakul; Costume: Cult of Aphrodite

What Inspired Me: ‘Hand Weave’ (1:17)

Produced as a 'motion sketch book' for Chinese fashion designer Momo Wang's 'Wave Hand' collection, this experimental animation is inspired by philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer's theory of 'art as play.' Using different craft details and Wangs garments and patterns, this is a joyous burst of colour and energy in the all too often poe-faced world of fashion. Hand Weave is animated and edited by Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5.

Things Find You: Silvia (6:00)

Things Find You is a series of fashion films exploring the affective potential of objects. In this trilogy a watch acts as a powerful creation, a commodity desperate to be resold, and a painful echo of a relationship. The stories explore the ability of fashion to conceal, to delight, to overwhelm and to transform. With the varying roles of the inanimate object in the films, we attempt to understand how we make sense of our world and of things.

Rebecca (5:34)

This dark and poetic retelling of Daphne Du Maurier's classic novel Rebecca features the sinister housekeeper Ms. Danvers who keeps alive the memory of her beloved former housekeeper alive though her diaphanous gowns and the spaces she once inhabited. As a curator of 'non-existence' Ms Danvers, a powerful figure, struggles to reconcile her grief and longing: "They are such beautiful rooms. You do not think she (Rebecca) had gone now for so long...I feel her everywhere. You do too, don't you.”

Costume Design: Maia Herzog-Lee; Costume Assistants: Stephanie Potter-Corwin & Sara Bande; Director of Photography & Lighting: Paula Gongora Salazar; Movement Director: Liana Nyquist; Hair & Make up: Goshka Topolska; Sonic Composition: Fred DeFaye; Editing: Paula Gongora Salazar, Maia Herzog - Lee & Sherbet; With Special Thanks to Valentine's Mansion.

Catalyst (3:53)

An autobiographical response to a changing body, this black and white film charts the journey of one person’s physical transformation through weight loss. Performing for the camera as well as directing the action, the film maker divided this journey into three parts. The first visually represents a shrinking body with layers of garments being discarded. The middle part shows a newly flexible physique displayed via yoga to the sound of spoken poetry. Finally, we see a liberated self-affirmation with disco and dance. Personal, positive and at times poetic, this is about the reconnection of body, mind and soul.

Director: Juan G. Galvez Fonseca; Director of Photography: Hella Rehren; Special thanks to Marcus Ryan

Perceptions (1:38)

This short choreographed film looks at the relationship between dress and movement. How does movement of the body affect our perception of dress? Two outfits are used to explore how the same moves in different garments draw attention to different parts of the body, the dress itself and notions of restraint and freedom.

Direction, Choreography, Editing and Costumes by Swetlana Brik; Camera: Sophia Baboolal; Dancer/Model: Anna Zant

Orlando (4:48)

This short film inspired by Virginia Woolf’s gender-bending, time travel novel Orlando tells the story of an immortal poet whose life spans from 1600 to 1928. Orlando constantly struggles with his writing until he inexplicably becomes a woman and finds love which
brings creative fulfillment and peace. Her three hundred year old manuscript is eventually published granting Orlando immortality through her writing.

Concept and Costume Design: Kristen Ernst; Directed and Edited By: Vlad Borlea Orlando: Lorraine Smith; Hair and Makeup Artist: Chanel Murray; Sonic Composition: Fred Defaye; Movement Director: Liana Nykuist

The Shoemakers (2:00)

This short documentary invites us into Pierre Corthay, a bespoke mens' shoemaker in Paris. Although this family business provides handmade shoes for the world's elite, Pierre, his brother and the team are refreshingly down to earth. Charting the skill and expertise of bespoke shoe making which requires a decade of "companion du devoir" or apprenticeship - before the title of 'Master' shoemaker can be bequeathed, the film also captures the simplicity of this environment and the personalities of the artisans behind this luxury brand.

Directed & edited by Guillaume Nallet, 2nd videographer Chrystel Plischke- Livolsi, and special thanks to Pierre Corthay and its team.

All Eyes On Me - Transgender Identity Through Photography (Preview)

A candid and revealing documentary that explores how the construction of transgender identity is developed through auto portraits or 'selfies'. Photography in this context is both a documentation of a physical transition and vehicle for self- exploration, discovery and actualisation. This film, which set out to encourage new dialogues, is an outcome from a workshop realised at London College of Fashion in November 2013.

Directed by Larissa De Filippo & Harun Guler; Produced by Larissa De Filippo; Filmed & Edited by Harun Guler; Sound by Fernanda Liberti; Photography by Graz Diez.

Led Zeppelin Cashmere (7:12)

Led Zeppelin Cashmere is an eclectic, visually compelling tale exploring unrequited love and the idea that it is our imperfections and character flaws that make us exquisite and unique. A quirky narrative with some memorable characters features Kate King, Ned Derrington and an excerpt from "Choking Man" written by Steve Barron. Directed by Corinne Delaney.