Drawing at LCF

#DRAWFASHION is London College of Fashion’s annual fashion illustration competition supported by Cass Art. Applications open soon.

Open to all current undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK, #DRAWFASHION celebrates the deeply analytical and emotional skills of drawing and fashion illustration, art forms that capture the wonder of the fashioned body. The competition encourages students to explore their fashion design practice through observation, abstract thinking, traditional and digital drawing techniques and other mediums that drawing has been used in the process of development, such as ceramics, metalwork, tapestry and beyond.

Through drawing we can move design; personify style, mood, identity and feeling; make a statement; progress traditions and construct new worlds to push fashion forward

Rob Phillips, Creative Director, School of Design & Technology

London College of Fashion is proud to announce that DRAW FASHION is supported by the UK’s leading independent art supplies retailer, Cass Art.

NINA DE YORKE Fashion Illustration Award

Prior to 2015’s DRAW FASHION, LCF students from across all courses were able to participate in the NINA DE YORKE Fashion Illustration Award winning for five consecutive years. The portfolios below not only mark London College of Fashion's drawing and illustration success but equally demonstrates just how important drawing is to our design community.