Placements & Work Experience

The type of course you choose to study will determine the type of experience that you gain during your course at London College of Fashion. Some courses give you the opportunity to engage in short-term accredited work experience in your second year, while others give you the option to do a placement year in industry.

To find out what type of opportunity you can engage in please refer to the course pages.

Accredited short term work experience

Short term work experience aims to help students develop an appreciation of the culture and practice of the workplace, in order to contextualise academic studies into perspective whilst developing transferable skills. LCF Careers will support students with basic career employability skills, but it is the individual student’s responsibility to source their own work experience.

Accredited work placements - Diploma in Professional Studies (DIPS)

The Diploma in Professional Studies (DiPS) is a separate qualification that is awarded to students on completion of a minimum of 30 weeks in industry, as part of the 3-4 year degree courses - known as the placement year. This placement occurs between the second and final year of studies and is usually paid. LCF Careers provide students with a comprehensive support programme throughout the entire placement process, from considering opportunities, through to application and interview stage. During this placement year, students have access to a Careers Officer and a DiPS Coordinator who are on hand to provide advice and support.

Types of industry opportunity

We work with companies of all sizes within the fashion and lifestyle sector, both in the UK and internationally. We actively encourage students to engage in international opportunities during their work placement or work experience. We must ensure that our international placement providers have the equivalent to the UK Employer’s Liability insurance. Examples of our international placements include: Balenciaga Paris; Louis Vuitton Paris; Phillip Lim New York; Alexander Wang New York; Tommy Hilfiger Amsterdam; Adidas Germany; Proenza Schouler New York; DKNY New York and Urban Outfitters Philadelphia.


  • Build employability skills
  • Deepen academic knowledge and sector-specific skills
  • Build workplace experience
  • Gain insight into a career path
  • Develop industry networks
  • Gain ideas for final major project