Maisie & Lucy

Maisie Gillett studied BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Surface Textiles at London College of Fashion. She was mentored by Lucy Williams - founder and creative director of Blink London, a fashion reporting and consultancy service.


Maisie tells us about her experience of group mentoring and what she gained from both her peers and Lucy.

Why did you want a mentor?

As I was approaching the end of my degree at LCF and I wanted to be more focused and make myself more employable.

Tell us about your experience of being mentored.

I had a good experience; I was in a group with two other students from different courses. This meant I was not only learning from Lucy but also the other students experience and advice.

Has the experience been a success and would you recommend it to others?

I would recommend mentoring to other students as it was great to be able to get advice outside of your course and see other approaches to career development.

What have you gained from having a mentor?

We practised writing cover letters for different roles and companies, and I found this to be very helpful as it was something I wasn’t sure I was approaching correctly.
LCF Careers supported me throughout the mentoring process.

How valuable is mentoring to students wanting to get into the industry today?

Mentoring is very important as it helps you realise that you need to think of yourself as a design or creative professional and move beyond being student.

What was your experience of studying at LCF like?

It was a great experience; I thoroughly enjoyed my time and have made many great friends and connections through LCF.

What makes a good mentor?

Someone who is willing to share their experience and who is great at communicating. They have to be a positive person.


The founder of Blink London tells us about the two-way benefits of the mentoring scheme.

What’s your role, who do you work for and who did you mentor?

I am the founder and creative director of Blink London. We are a fashion reporting, consultancy service, as well as a great fashion and lifestyle blog. My background is as a womenswear designer and forecaster so the majority of the students that I have mentored have been fashion design oriented.

Why did you decide to become a mentor for an LCF student?

I recently started teaching as a visiting lecturer at LCF. I really love it and the mentoring was a natural extension of that positive experience. Additionally, the mentors that I have been fortunate enough to have in my career have been a wonderful benefit to working life.

Tell us about your experience of mentoring.

I have mentored LCF students for several years now and I have found it rewarding for me as much as the students I have met. There is a sharing of experience and approach that is 360 degrees, enriching all parties (I hope!).

How valuable is mentoring to students wanting to get into the industry today?

I think it’s critical for students to interact with as many people from industry as possible. The education system is an amazing experience but it isn’t a total preparation for working life. For students to fully understand their career options, gain some perspective on their skills and passions as well as start building a professional network of contacts, this is an invaluable experience.

What did you and your organisation gain from the experience and would you recommend it to others?

It’s an opportunity to step away from my desk and look at the industry through fresh eyes, as well as a chance to meet future members of the fashion industry (all of those I have mentored are future stars obviously!). I have already recommended this to several other fashion professionals, some of whom I believe are now mentors at LCF.

How did LCF Careers support you as a mentor?

LCF provided me with a structure suggestion for the meeting, they are very clear about what they hope the students will gain from the experience. They also provided me with a space to meet the students as well as some great mentoring training.

What makes a good mentee?

Someone who is organised, open to discussion, enthusiastic and engaged.