Student Reviews


The handbag pattern cutting course really helped me to feel more comfortable with the foundation of design and pattern cutting. I liked that I was able to come away with patterns of my very own, to start producing my original design concepts, by the end of the course. Aislinn - Bag Pattern Cutting 

I have learned a lot in a short time & feel inspired again! It was very creative as well as learning new technical skills. The college environment was very pleasant and everyone around was helpful & enthusiastic. Alexa

This course has proven to be key in my brands development. Nigel Starting Your Own Footwear or Accessories Label

Digital Fashion

It was a wonderful experience for me and I was very happy with my tutor and the institution. - RimshaDigital Textile Printing

Amazing journey from start till end. - NeerajTechnical Fashion Drawing in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

The course was a great overall introduction. Also was a great opportunity to meet people in this field. - Alison Introduction to CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing)

This class absolutely brought together what I hoped to find : Rhino / CAD technology and fashion aspects. - Jan - 3D Design and Printing with Rhino

Fashion Business Creation

The tutor was absolutely fantastic. She was relevant, inspiring and truly professional. After attending this course I only wish I had completed all of my university education at UAL! Laura, London - Essential Guide to the Fashion Business

Our tutor taught the course accurately and with a great professionalism. The course has really exceeded my expectations. I'm looking forward attending the brand management short course as soon as possible. Filipa, LondonEssential Guide to the Fashion Business

I loved the way the tutor interacted with the students, giving us a real chance to make our ideas heard whilst giving us good guidelines. I am very happy to have attended the course, and its structure and depth exceeded my expectations. I am also very happy with the way the tutor had planned the 2 days: first he gave us a good basic idea of the industry and on the second day these new skills were put to the test. Even to me, having worked as a fashion assistant, the tutor managed to make me look at media and the whole fashion industry from a new perspective. A big thank you to all at LCF. Liisi, LondonEssential Guide to the Fashion Business

The tutor was the highlight of the course. He is so enthusiastic and knowledgable. Tasneem, IndiaStarting Your Own Fashion Label

Amazing course and amazing tutor. Would highly recommend! Maggie, BromleyStarting Your Own Fashion Label

The tutor was full of experience and great stories, and very down to earth. The information we were given was all I needed to start my business and I could not be happier. Wish it was longer - definitely worth the money. Thank you! Sylvia, LondonStarting Your Own Fashion Label

I have really appreciated this short course. It was precise, accurate, interesting and everything was well explained. I also enjoyed working on some practical exercises with other attendants of the class, it helped a lot to understand certain aspects and points of the short course. The tutor was great and fun to listen to, he also conveyed enthusiasm and vision and that is what you need when you are considering starting your own fashion label. I would recommend this class and I am glad I took it. Claudette, LondonStarting Your Own Fashion Label

My tutor's delivery style was exceptionally inspiring. It made the classroom a fun place to be, thereby making learning a piece of cake. I will definitely return for other courses. Chiawonamokem, NigeriaProducing Your Own Fashion Label

After speaking to the Short Courses Team, who were really helpful, I felt that the course would be really beneficial to me as a new start-up. The course itself was more than imagined and I gained far more knowledge and understanding than I thought I would. The course tutor had students with different levels of experience and she catered for them all wonderfully. Her teaching style was relaxed and friendly as were all the students on the course. This style made us all feel comfortable and after the three days, we weren't just inspired about our businesses but we all became really good friends. I'm going away from this course really excited about my future venture, have learnt so much and am prepared for what's in store for me. I'll definitely be taking advantage of more courses at UAL. Harkirtan, MiddlesexProducing Your Own Fashion Label

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. As someone who is not from a fashion background, or has any relevant industry experience, it was very insightful and has definitely given me good grounding to get started. Sheena, LondonStarting Your Own Footwear or Accessories Label

Fashion Design

I've been wanting to take a fashion design course for some time now but always found a reason to put it off. When I saw this course it sounded like it covered everything I wanted, so I took the plunge and booked. I'm happy to say that it definitely didn't dissapoint. It was so inspiring and I feel so much more confident and passoniate about my future. I can't wait to return for another course at LCF! Chloe, London Introduction to Fashion Design

Perfect! I was a bit sceptical about the gained outcome of the course, considering its short length. But by the end of the course I was impressed and inspired by my visible improvement! The tutor was beyond understanding of our individual goals and reasons for taking Fashion Drawing, and made sure to cater to those throughout the course. The teaching method was smooth, and by the end of the course we truly realised the purpose of each exercise. Within 5 days I managed to gain a concrete understanding of basic fashion drawing techniques which I can now apply and practice myself. All in all, the course was a wonderfully valuable experience. Three thumbs up! Danah, LondonFashion Drawing

The tutor gave helpful, practical examples and tips, and directed us to sources that would help us in the future. She was also very able to monitor everyone's individual level, even though the class had a mix of different levels. Caroline, Dublin Fashion Drawing

The tutor, Ana, was absolutely phenomenal. She was an excellent teacher and gave me good, strong constructive feedback, while still managing to be encouraging.I feel much more confident in my abilities now and feel inspired and motivated to continue improving. Caitlin, GlasgowFashion Drawing

This course helped me find myself. I really want to do for fashion in the future, even though I am not an art student. I will sign up for another course from LCF or UAL again. Xiaojun, EssexFashion Drawing

Amazing journey from start till end - Neeraj Technical Fashion Drawing in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

The tutor had expert knowledge in the field, living and breathing fashion and culture, as discussed in the course. This then gave me new inspiration and resources, plus we had lots of fun along the way! Erica, Malta - Fashion Trend Forecasting


Fashion Management

The course was excellent - it covered the right amount of information to give us the confidence to be able to apply for jobs in the field. The tutor was very informed and knowledgeable, shared with us lots of practical tips and her own relevant experiences, and also recommended lots of useful books and websites to check out. She gave everyone individual attention and answered our questions, even helped with our CVs outside the lecture times! Overall, I think I gained much more from the course than I expected and I am very happy with it. I look forward to Level 2 now. Sandra, London – Introduction to Fashion Buying and Merchandising

The course was very intensive and insightful. The tutor explained the subject superbly well and I particularly liked his sharing on real life examples. Alissa, IndonesiaFashion Buying and Merchandising: Intensive

Fantastic course, just what I needed in order to begin a career in this direction. The tutor was amazing, lovely and warm, and made the course feel welcoming and encouraging. Rachel, YorkshireFashion Buying and Merchandising: Intensive

The tutor was fantastic. I would attend any course she'd be teaching blindly. Amazing experience. Definitely worth flying out for. Dalal, KuwaitFashion Buying and Merchandising: Intensive

The tutor was very knowledgeable, and excited to share her knowledge. The class was small, so that faciliated things, and we could discuss more and understand eachother better. On the field trip to Westfields, the tutor explained everything well, and gave various examples of the subject in question. Stephanie, MaltaVisual Merchandising 1

I am so satisfied with this short course! The tutor could not be better and I learned much more than expected! Awesome. Mariana, Brazil Visual Merchandising 1

I thought the course was really informative. The tutor was really approachable and patient. Before starting the short course I was working in a finance job that I was unhappy with, and within two weeks of completing the LCF course, I was hired as a Visual Merchandiser in a flagship store for a well known high street brand. Edie, LondonWindow Display Skills

I enjoyed evey miniute of this course. It was amazing fun, the tutor was fantastic and I really feel I learned transferable skills. Jennifer, MidlothianWindow Display Skills

The tutor had lots of experience and anecdotes to share with us. Her passion for the subject was obvious and 'rubbed off'. Thank you. Carmel, London Managing Overseas Production


Fashion Photography

Excellent, intuitive course that I would highly recommend. The tutor was passionate about his field and kept everyone interested. I certainly will pursue further courses. Marc, LondonFashion Photography

On the first day, when I introduced myself I said that ''I think that LCF is the right place to do this course'' and it was! I am so happy with my choice! MyrtoFashion Film

The course was amazing, highly interesting and inspiring, I would definitely consider returning for another course. JosieFashion Photography (16-18 Year Olds)



Fashion Styling

The tutor was brilliant and I felt really inspired by him. I feel that I have finally found a career I can be passionate about, and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get into the fashion industry. Stephanie, WorcestershireFashion Media Styling: Commercial

An amazing experience overall. I felt very inspired and the course was mind-opening in so many ways! What I loved the most was that the tutors were people with experience in the field, that brought their personal learnings to the course and tried their best to enlighten the students about our doubts, and pass on their knowledge to us. As someone who wants to work in the fashion business, it was great to be able to talk about being creative, inspiration, ideas and such things with a photographer, a stylist, a journalist, and other professionals. It was all very special and I was able to gain a lot of knowledge. Hannah, BrazilFashion Styling and Media Summer School

It covered everything I wanted to learn and even more. The tutor was great, friendly and gave us all the information and attention we needed. I loved it! I wish I could take Principles of Personal Fashion Styling 2, but sadly I had to come back to Brazil. Martha, BrazilPrinciples of Personal Fashion Styling 1

The course was amazing and the quality was perfect! The tutor was really well prepared, and knows how to transmit and teach everything she knows. The way the course is lead (material and presentation) is amazing. It is a lot of information, but it is really worth it! Carla, LondonPrinciples of Personal Fashion Styling 1

I really liked the fact that the course offered us the opportunity to work with clients from 'real life' in order to get in touch with the industry, and thereby improve our theoretical knowledge through a practical experience. Rabia, Germany - Principles of Personal Fashion Styling 1

The tutor was an amazing, super intelligent and kind person with charisma! I could not have imagined a better tutor for this course. I am going to come back for other courses. Thank you! Edina, HungaryPrinciples of Personal Fashion Styling 2

The tutor was able to teach us so much in just one week, and made fashion so interesting and practical. She's also very nice, helpful, cheerful, and outgoing. She's organised with her handouts and very, very generous. I'm so happy I did the course! Dea, London - Principles of Personal Fashion Styling 2


The short course programme helped me to prepare for take off. It helped me to become mentally ready to design as well as other aspects of the industry. It also helpThe short course programme helped me to prepare for take off. It helped me to become mentally ready to design as well as other aspects of the industry. It also helped me to know what real life situations I would come across at the beginning of my journey.ed me to know what real life situations I would come across at the beginning of my journey. Mo - Introduction to Footwear Design

This course surpassed my expectations and the tutor was amazing. He was so inspirational and supportive. I was expecting to learn how to construct court shoes from a set pattern but we were also able to partially design our shoe and create our own pattern before actually making the shoes - and all in 5 days, which was unbelievable. I found this course really inspiring and will definitely be attending another shoe making course, and am even considering a full time course. Neil, LondonShoe Making: Pumps or Heels

My favourite thing about the course was the tutor - his passion was inspirational, motivating, and stimulating. Miriam, Egypt Shoe Making: Pumps or Heels

The tutor had a deep knowledge of the whole process of the shoe making. I would definitely recommend this short course to anyone who is interested about this field! RaniaShoe Making: The Boot

The course was really really great. Just what I was hoping. I got the skills and resources I wanted. AndrewFootwear Summer School

It is clear that the tutor has a wealth of experience which he divulges to the class freely. Having a tutor who has been involved with the entire shoe design and manufacture business is very important, and this was very much appreciated by all. Thomas, LondonFootwear Pattern Cutting

Overall, I really loved the course and it was a welcome break from my working week - It lived up to my expectation and it helped me make the really important decision of changing my career from digital advertising into shoe design. KirstyIntroduction to Footwear Design

Lingerie and Swimwear

I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the course and found the whole experience extremely inspiring! I thought the tutors were amazing- both extremely knowledgeable and approachable. They made the course enjoyable and also crammed a lot of information into a short time. We received lots of valuable hand outs, had the opportunity to go over things we didn't understand, and if we wanted to learn about anything that wasn't in the course material, they were happy to oblige! All in all a very fun and informative course, I would recommend to anyone :) Catriona, London Starting Your Own Lingerie or Swimwear Label

I thought it was very detailed, I learnt a lot and gained even more clarity on the way forward, and exactly what I need to do to get started. The two tutors were lovely and answered all questions posed effectively. I would definitely return for more courses in the near future. Thanks for creating this course. I definitely left feeling even more determined and inspired. Claudette, LondonStarting Your Own Lingerie or Swimwear Label

The tutors were amazing. They made it relevant and exciting. Sarah, London Starting Your Own Lingerie or Swimwear Label

The course was fantastic. I got so much experience and the tutor helped each and every student in developing their collection and overall work. Would come again for other courses and would definitely love to study Fashion Contour at UAL. Manoela, BrazilLingerie and Swimwear Design

The structured bra making course at LCF was the most wonderful course I have ever taken. The tutor was incredibly inspiring and motivating, and explained things clearly so I was able to learn difficult new skills quickly and easily. She was incredibly patient and helpful, and always willing to offer advice outside of the course content, to help build my career in lingerie design. I have come away from the course not only having learnt to make bras, but with a strong career plan and motivation to get started! Thank you. Kinnetia, LondonStructured Bra Making


Makeup and Beauty Therapy

Our teacher was amazing and shared insights from her long experience as a makeup artist. I left inspired and motivated to come back and learn more! Zainab, Sweden Introduction to Professional Makeup

I had an incredible time and met some amazing ladies. The course was very well run and the tutor was a delight. She was very patient, complimentary and organised. The staff also at the college were very nice and helpful. I definitely had an amazing experience and am coming back to the college to study another course in the new year! Anam, HertfordshireIntroduction to Professional Makeup

The teacher was fantastic, I admire her work and teaching! I would love to take any courses with her. She inspired my creativity and I started to feel confident in makeup, and maybe a new career. Thank you! Milda, LondonIntroduction to Professional Makeup

I really enjoyed the make up course, and the creativity of it differs this course to other classic make up classes. The lecturer was very friendly, motivating and encouraging. Kimberly, LondonFashion and Editorial Makeup

Really inspiring experience, I cannot wait to do another one! Ashleigh, Hampshire - Fashion and Editorial Makeup

The tutor has worked some of the very best: big guns and new gen makeup artists, and REALLY knows her stuff. We even did a ‘finishing school’ on the last day where we got to finesse our lip lines, eye lines and shown how to really prep and prime editorial skin. The Business of Freelance Makeup Artistry

Loved my time at LCF! Learnt so much in only 3 weeks! The tutors were great, extremely knowledgeable and all really successful in the industry! Would definitely recommend this course! Lucy, NewportThe Complete Makeup Artist

This was probably the best experience of my life. After searching for courses for a year I found that LCF was perfect for me. I wanted something that was going to set me up for life and after the course finishing, I've just finished a music video and have been building up my portfolio. I've also booked weddings, proms and awards shows - I'm loving it. I never thought I would be able to achieve anything like this but with all the tutors and the way we were taught, it has helped me so much. I recommend anyone that asks me and miss my saturdays at LCF, the tutors and all the girls. I became so creative and a better person from just 15 weeks of the makeup artistry course and I can't wait to get back. Theo, London - The Complete Makeup Artist

I feel the quality of the content was excellent - I learnt so much over the course of 5 intensive days. It was tiring but so worth it, and I left feeling motivated and inspired. Angela, LondonSpecial Occasion and Bridal Makeup

Marketing and Communications

Nothing but positive comments about this inspirational course. Can't wait to take more. Adam, LondonIntroduction to Fashion Marketing

The tutor was a fantastic and enthusiastic lecturer. His past commercial work experience was invaluable to his lectures, which made the course not so theory and academic based, but backed up with personal real life experiences. He was extremely personable and helpful - if only I had a lecturer like him when I did my first degree! Nia, LondonFashion Brand Management

A very enlightening experience and a very valuable course. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for a career in the luxury world. It's great that I got to meet many people in, or wanting to start their career in, this field. Erika, LondonLuxury Brand Management and Product Design

The course is very efficiently run on a tight schedule, and packed with hands-on learning from day one to day five. Apart from the course content, the tutor gave us an inside view of the world of luxury brands through anecdotes and experiences, which can only be attributed to years of experience in the industry. Sangeeta, India Luxury Brand Management and Product Design

This was an excellent course. Paul was extremely knowledgeable of the subject area and taught with consideration for the novice learner. All the sessions were learner-centred and he took into consideration our individual needs. I learnt a great deal and armed with this knowledge, I will be taking action to implement what is relevant for my business idea. Claudette, LondonSocial Media for Fashion

I think the course was very good value for money and met the criteria described. The tutor was excellent and explained the content clearly and was engaging. He was happy to give students individual time to answer specific questions, and encouraged us to continue developing our skills outside of class and email him with any queries. I felt that he put considerable effort into the preparation of the course and went above and beyond what I would have expected to ensure that the students' needs were met. As I was taking the course specifically for professional reasons, I was delighted to find that the course and tutor were both of a high standard and did not disappoint! Lucy, London Social Media for Fashion

I feel that the course has definitely provided me with the tools to be able to do my job more effectively. I was very interested to learn about all the different social media platforms available and which ones may be more beneficial for my specific type of business activity. I manage the social media platforms within my department and I do feel that on completion of this course, I have a better understanding of what is required in order to use social media more effectively, to build followers and engage with students and industry partners, and to drive traffic to our social media platforms more successfully. I also enjoyed the session on blogging - how to create a blog, layout, functionality etc. It was inspiring and a very creative session. Clorinda, London Social Media for Fashion

Both tutors for this course were amazing! Truly inspiring and very friendly and approachable if you had questions. The class was a nice size as well so it felt like you had a really informal personal experience. I learnt so much in just a short space of time. Joanna, LondonIntroduction to Fashion Blogging

The tutor is very experienced in the industry and was able to eloquently pass on lots of helpful and practical tips. He was very motivating and gave lots of feedback on written pieces we submitted. It was very enjoyable and informative. Carmel, London - Fashion Journalism

This course was excellent for anyone who's passionate and willing to learn a lot in a short space of time, and doesn't mind working hard for 5 days straight. I'm 18 and was the youngest in my group, but I don't think I've learnt such a range of writing skills in one week. Couldn't have asked for a better tutor - he really went out of his way to give us great advice and skills in order to develop our writing! 10/10 for dedication to his subject and we were all aware he is a very busy man! Francesca, BreamoreFashion Journalism Portfolio

The teacher was approachable and encouraging, and the course also took place outside of the classroom, taking us to relevant exhibitions for different tasks. That week was the highlight of my summer. I am pretty sure everyone felt very inspired. Yu-Shan, London - Fashion Journalism Portfolio


First of all a huge thank you to our tutor. Her teaching was fantastic and I have thoroughly enjoyed her time and the course. I was amazed at how much material and equipment was supplied by the college and I managed to keep well within the suggested £40 recommendation. The college as a whole was an inspiring space and run efficiently, from signing up to the course to attending it. - Christopher, KentMillinery: Intensive

The teacher was excellent: I was highly impressed how she calmly and patiently guided a class of complete novices through the complexities of hat making. Her creative talent shone throughout the course and she shared her expertise and knowledge generously. Anne-MarieIntroduction to Millinery

Overall it was great to learn a new creative field, making hats is a great process and everyone came out with unique and fantastic hats. I wish I could go every week! KerryIntroduction to Millinery

I felt the tutor was very professional and extremely knowledgeable in his subject. It was obvious he cared about the students and their projects. MelanieMillinery Block Making


Pattern Cutting

I thought the tutor was excellent! I learnt more in one week than I did in a year and a half at college! I will be returning to participate in the follow-on course. Georgia, BristolIntroduction to Womenswear Pattern Cutting

The tutor was amazing, explaining all my doubts and being patient with me. 10 out of 10 to her. Francisco, LondonIntroduction to Womenswear Pattern Cutting

Particularly liked how the tutor showed us a couple of ways of achieving the same outcome with the dart manipulation. Different people understood one or other method better and it was great to see different learning styles being taken into consideration, instead of one prescriptive method. Fantastic tutor. Very knowledgable and had lots of helpful tips and advice. Sarah, London Introduction to Womenswear Pattern Cutting

The teacher was great and not only imparted the curriculum as per the course description, but went the extra step further to cover other relevant aspects. I learnt a lot, enjoyed the fast pace (I am a beginner at pattern cutting) and felt inspired and equipped with new and practical knowledge at the closing of the course. Melissa, LondonWomenswear Pattern Cutting: Intensive

I really enjoyed this course and would definitely want to highlight how helpful and enthusiastic our tutor was. Hoping to come back to attend another course at the college next holiday break. Thanks! Jenny, FifeThe Definitive Guide to Womenswear Pattern Cutting

The tutor was very patient with us. For an absolute beginner in pattern cutting, i have literally become an expert overnight. I think she did a good job. Karen, NigeriaThe Definitive Guide to Womenswear Pattern Cutting

The Tutor was very explanatory with questions asked and was always willing to help. She also explained how things work within the industry. Yeside, LondonThe Definitive Guide to Womenswear Pattern Cutting

The quality standard of the short course, without any doubts, is up to the fashion industry standard, as well as meeting all the requirements of what is required of a designer in today's fashion industry. Ken, LondonMenswear Pattern Cutting: Intensive

I think the teacher is amazing. She was very good at her work and gave us a lot more than I expected in 3 weeks' time, which was brilliant. Sashaa, IndiaDraping on the Stand Summer School

The tutor is a genius, I hope you keep her around and wish she was tutoring more short courses. We all felt that we would have loved to continue studying for an extra week with her. We didn't want the Draping course to be over. Giannina, Hong KongDraping on the Stand Summer School



Excellent. I booked the course as I had an unfortunate experience at school over 30 years ago, where my sewing teacher implied that I was 'useless'. Since then, I have been fearful of even attempting the simplest sewing tasks. So I wanted to 'slay the dragon' as it were. Whilst I did struggle at times, I have left the course confident that I can develop my skills. I cannot believe that I have managed to make a bag, a sample skirt, blouse etc. That was more than I ever achieved at school. The teacher was fun, we all commented how confident we were in her expertise. She kept up the pace, was demanding yet able to spend time with every individual when they had queries or struggled. I really appreciated learning the manufacturing process rather than faffing around with pins etc. We had an excellent and inspiring teacher who was able to manage differing abilities - not an easy task. The course content was well thought out and at the right level. Alex, LondonSewing Skills

Excellent, enjoyable, encouraging and entertaining. The tutor created an atmosphere of unity and calmness, which helped me to get my confidence back with using the sewing machine. I learnt a lot of techniques in the five weeks. This is the best course that I have been to in several years where there was top quality teaching. It was excellent value for money. I shall enrol on the sewing techniques course. Bharti, LondonHome Sewing and Simple Garment Making

The tutor was amazing, so understanding and great at explaining matters - she also pushed us depending on our ability! Highly recommend to anyone. I made trousers and a dress both of which I now regularly wear. Thank you! Noemie, London Home Sewing and Simple Garment Making


I really enjoyed the Premiere Vision trip. Meeting a variety of people from around the world was great, everyone was lovely. Getting samples of the fabrics was important for me, as putting something physical to what I am learning is what helps me learn best. Deborah, DorsetUnderstanding Fabrics Study Tour to Première Vision, Paris

Really enjoyed this course, especially the fantastic trip to Premiere Vision. The tutor was lovely and truly knowledgeable. I feel I have new knowledge and confidence when looking at fabrics, and knowing exactly what they are and how they are made. Rachel, YorkshireUnderstanding Fabrics Study Tour to Première Vision, Paris

Online Short Courses

I enjoyed the practical and hands-on assignments. I also appreciate the knowledge of the online tutor; she was exceptional in projecting her enthusiasm of the industry onto her students, and her industry expertise made her that much more credible in the eyes of a student. Olga, CanadaFashion Buying and Merchandising (Online Short Course)

I am very impressed with the quality of the course, I didn't know what to expect never having taken an online course before. EmmaFashion Journalism (Online Short Course)

I loved the fact that we got to expand our horizons and discover a range of stylists and photographers that I hadn't heard of before. DishaFashion Styling (Online Short Course)



Courses for Under 18 Year Olds

I thought the course was of a very good quality. I learnt a lot in the week and there was a good balance of teaching and activity/trip-based learning. The tutor was really great, with knowledge of everything we needed to know! I had a great time at the course and met lots of new people. I've left feeling inspired and would recommend this course to others interested in this field. Thank you! Lizzie, LondonIntroduction to the Fashion Industry (16-18 Year Olds)

I loved how the group was so international and friendly. The tutor made it very easy for us all to mingle, he was also rather laid back but so enthusiastic I think it made everyone feel so comfortable and more confident with themselves. The course itself has really helped me in deciding what I want to do for my future studies, and I am in the process of thinking about taking another short course, more specific in my subject area. Megan Cleary, Fife - Introduction to the Fashion Industry (16-18 Year Olds)

My lecturer was absolutely brilliant. She had great knowledge of all fields covered and conveyed the information to us very effectively. Everyone involved in the experience, including the receptionists and the other students, were very kind and respectful, adding to the incredible experience. The atmosphere of this iconic college alongside its very convenient location created a learning environment that has inspired me, and many others too, I'm sure. Romy, Switzerland - Introduction to the Fashion Industry (16-18 Year Olds)

This short course inspired me so much - it really made me think about my future career and it would be amazing to return to LCF in the future! Nina, Newcastle Upon Tyne - Introduction to the Fashion Industry (16-18 Year Olds)

I have always wanted to work in fashion (advertising and marketing in particular) and joined the course to explore the industry further as the fashion industry isn't something covered at school. I didn't know quite what to expect but it was definitely one of the best short courses I've attended (I have previously done summer schools with both Central St Martins and Chelsea). The course leader was amazingly passionate about it, which made it even more enjoyable and inspiring! It has helped give me a clear idea about what I want to do in the future and how to approach taking the next steps needed to get there. Natasha, Cleveland - Introduction to the Fashion Industry (16-18 Year Olds) 

Absolutely loved this course and it was totally relevant, as LCF is where I want to study Fashion Photography next year! Emma, KentFashion Photography (16-18 Year Olds)

Working with the professional models was an amazing experience, something completely different to my usual photography. The mentor was inspiring and I really enjoyed editing on Photoshop and being able to present our images to the class. Emily, Surrey - Fashion Photography (16-18 Year Olds)

I loved it, it gave me a great insight to the fashion industry, focusing on a wide range of aspects including designing, fabric choice, fabric design, creating a theme/mood board and market research. I especially liked the drawing and creativity of designing clothes on models at the end of the week and having our own 'studio' work place as it made me feel part of the fashion industry already! The teacher was amazing and very enthusiastic, she taught me so much about the fashion figure and how to use the research we found and put it into designs like a real designer would. I will definitely be coming back to try more of the short courses! Isobel, LondonFashion Portfolio Preparation (16-18 Year Olds)