DISCONTINUED Fashion Film Making (4 Credits)

Fashion Film Making

With democratisation of technology motion imagery is now encroaching into the territory of the still image. This is creating a growing hunger for fashion films amongst consumers of digital media. Videos are being used more and more to succinctly convey information, trend and mood. This new level of access to a once specialised technology is constantly pushing boundaries, generating new creative genres that very quickly become mainstream.

In this unit you will be introduced to film making techniques allowing you to collaborately plan and produce your own fashion film.

You will be shown how to use HDSLR (high definition digital single lens reflex) cameras currently used in the industry, lighting techniques for the moving image as well as professional video editing techniques using Adobe Premier.

Though you may not intend to specialise in this field, to go through the processes of producing your own fashion film will strengthen your ability to appreciate, commission and evaluate these products of growing importance.

Those interested in art direction, experimental image creation and online fashion media will benefit from this unit.