Fashion Editorial Makeup (3 Credits)

Fashion Editorial Makeup

Each element of a styled fashion photograph plays a vital role in the bigger picture of getting the marketing message right. Fashion makeup is a deeply creative aspect of this, allowing enormous scope for personal expression whilst requiring skill to illustrate the overarching idea.

In this unit you will examine the role of the makeup artist in fashion editorial and explore creative ways of exploiting the medium to create your own signature approaches.

Gaining an awareness of the synergy between makeup and other styling disciplines and understanding the importance of a joined up vision to create a cohesive look are key to this unit.

Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations and practical workshops you will learn about the history of makeup in a fashion marketing context, examine the importance of makeup as a communicator of both trend and creative vision, and learn about the skills the makeup artists requires to contribute to common goals in a well balanced styling team.

The focus on using makeup as part of a narrative will extend to you being taught practical techniques and processes to allow you to create unique looks, either working to a stylist's brief or expressing your own self generated ideas.