LCF is Global

We offer international students a range of study abroad programmes and courses, each with different learning structures to accommodate a range of study needs and helping them to progress onto BA or MA courses. At LCF we are committed to our students, wherever you come from. We highly value our place within International cultural environments, and believe that knowledge and scholarship are borderless.

Our partnerships and consultancy projects address fashion education and industries across the world. The LCF objective is to enhance skills for employability, design, product development and technology. Covering all areas in fashion, footwear, textile design, innovation, entrepreneurship, management and brand leadership. Our methodology is generally a triangulated relationship with an educational partner, a governmental body, trade organisation or brand. The work we do aims to continually develop new or existing fashion economies wherever there is a need.

What we offer

  • Courses and exchanges

    We offer courses specifically for international students, to help them progress onto undergraduate or postgraduate study at LCF. We also run erasmus exchanges, open to all students and staff.

  • Consultancy and partnerships

    Our education consultancy brings together key partners with vested interest on the development of fashion education and international textile and fashion industries.


Paul Yuille, Director of International

  • Strategic management
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Academic development
  • Sector creation

Yesenia San Juan, Business Manager

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Project management
  • Capacity building
  • Financial modelling

Eleanor Oxford, Business Manager

  • International Relations
  • Communications and Project Management
  • Financial Modelling
  • International Fashion Business Analysis

Claudine Rousseau

  • Curriculum development
  • Specialist in sportswear 
  • Creative pattern cutting 
  • Teaching technical skills

Tony Glenville

  • Strategic communication
  • Creative direction
  • Couture fashion
  • Fashion Commentator

Tony Alston, International Academic Co-ordinator

  • Strategic leadership
  • Academic selection
  • Creative seminars and workshops
  • Academic liaison

Jessica Saunders

  • Design expertise
  • Design for sustainability
  • Programme Innovation
  • Brand creation

Elizabeth McLafferty

  • Pastoral support to international students
  • International collaborative arrangements
  • Academic expertise
  • Professional image making