Mind Candy: Moshi Monsters

Students representing Fashion Media, Fashion Business, Fashion Visual Merchandising, and Fashion Design worked with entertainment company Mind Candy to come up with a viable concept and brand development programme for Moshi Monsters.

This included researching the right markets, trends and consumers to ensure their concepts would be commercially viable, and creating a brand map, campaign message and plan of delivery of that message, which could include partnerships with other brands.

Participants were given the opportunity to learn about the Mind Candy brand ahead of the project, with an Inside the Industry talk being delivered by CEO, Michael Acton Smith. Michael said of Moshi Monsters “I wanted Moshi to be more than just a website, I wanted it to be a universe”. At present, Moshi Monsters has 80 million registered users and has expanded both digitally and within the offline space.

Michael has ambitious plans to develop the Moshi brand further; a recent collaboration with Alton Towers has sparked off plans for a Moshi theme park. He said of the project “We’re looking for something a little different. We hope everyone will take big risks; students can be more open to risk on a project like this”. The students came up with Brand Bibles

The Mind Candy team, which includes LCF alumni Sarah Fletcher, acting as Head of Global Retail & Events, gave students support and feedback during their briefing and interim presentations. At the end of the project the best pitches were rewarded at the the LCF student awards ceremony in Summer 2014.