The students on the&nbsp BA (Hons) Fashion Sportswear course were challenged to produce a collection as part of their official assessment and present to a panel of judges which included key marketing and design representatives from the brand.

It was great to work with Lonsdale. The students and I are grateful that the team took the time to be involved in the project at all stages and give constructive direction. This level of involvement truly enhances the learning experience and puts their ideas into perspective. It was an enjoyable journey and we are all looking forward to seeing Lauren’s range in store!

Claudine Rousseau, Course Leader, BA (Hons) Fashion Sportswear.

The standard of the work delivered by the students was extremely impressive. However, Lauren’s collection stood out to all four judges as a collection that will be extremely commercial whilst offering a more style led direction that hasn’t been done by the brand before. We are looking forward to working with Lauren and getting the range into production. We will also be supporting the launch of the range with an extensive PR and marketing programme.

Sarah Baker, Marketing Manager at Lonsdale.