Clear Shampoo Advertising Campaign

Creating a live advertising campaign for the Far East’s number one selling shampoo.

Part of the Unilever group, Clear is the number one selling hair product in the Far East. As part of an ongoing relationship between Unilever and London College Fashion, the brand giant was able to brief LCF’s hair, make up, photography and styling students to produce an iconic visual identity for Clear that would be used as their international advertising campaign.

The Clear project happened over a six week period and because of the international nature of the project, all communication between the client and students happened online.

The students’ presentations and the subsequent judging, also took place online, allowing students an insight into the workings of global business. Students worked with the Unilever Global Hair Academy to research and produce work that was targeted at the market in the Far East, and the students made sure their final campaign images reflected this.

Clear is a niche product that sells on a global scale to a well-defined market. The final images produced by the students showed an understanding of the brief and also pushed the brand forward by using contemporary and creative photography of the highest standard. 

The winning team’s images were used as part of the printed advertising campaign throughout the Far East and this project forms a part of LCF’s ongoing international partnership with Unilever.

“The work was truly eye-opening.”

Whitney Cua, Global Brand Manager, Unilever