Bally Shoe Therapy Project

Students from the Fashion Business School collaborated with luxury brand Bally, on Shoe Therapy

Students from the School of Management and Science worked with Bally on analysing, researching and innovating the shoe care services and products of the future.

Students were asked, is shoe care ‘Managing needs or fulfilling dreams?’ They benchmarked existing services and researched international markets with a view to identifying and articulating 21st century consumer needs and aspirations. They came up with a wish list of concepts, and worked with prototype options for services to customers that might worth with the ethos of the brand.

Bally launched its London flagship store in October 2014 with a shoe services floor, including shoe care, made-to-order and made-to-colour. The students took part in a site visit and met Aaron Lotey, the Made to Order manager, who showed them how they create a miriad of shoe colour to cater for any request. Then final presentations were made to Bally at their Victoria HQ in December, to EMEA CEO Marco Comazzi, who flew over for the occasion.

Anne-Marie Gaultier, Vice President Global Marketing & Communication says, "Bally has an incredible history and tradition based on the quality of its products. But we are just as passionate about the future, hence our inbiting some of the freshest young minds to help us think about the shoe caring services of tomorrow."

The brand were so impressed with the ideas presented to them that they are putting one into production.

This is part of a three-phase project which will see students from across all three undergraduate schools work with the brand. The next school to take the baton is the School of Media and Communications, who will be working on marketing plans for the concepts submitted by the School of Management and Science.