The Green Academy

London College of Fashion, guided by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, is proud to be working with HEA’s Green Academy programme to develop long-term transformational change for sustainability across the institution.

As a world leading fashion educator, we are committed to nurturing people in the competencies and skills required to negotiate an ever-changing world facing critical shifts of resources, economy and power. We want to rethink the university experience to create a space that allows students and staff to be experimental, critical, global, interdisciplinary and collaborative.  We want industry and society to be inspired to work with us, as we act on both current and longer-term imperatives.

Moving beyond the service-led model of education provision can nurture a culture of creativity and critical thinking, capable of responding to global and local issues with new models for thriving societies and economies. Fashion offers an apt context for Education for Sustainable Development and, through its power as a communicator, can have impacts far beyond one industry, to contribute to greater balance in society, economy and humanity.

With support and guidance from the Green Academy mentors, we aim to:

  • Work with ESD and transformational change experts to develop a 10-year plan for institutional change for sustainability at LCF through co-creation with its community.
  • Develop processes, projects and benchmarks that articulate and embody this vision for teaching and learning, sharing across subject areas.
  • Consider internal and external communication of a culture and strategy of sustainability.