MA Fashion Communication and Promotion

Gilbert Braun

26 October - 4 December 2015

This exhibition showcased a selection of work from 2015 MA Fashion Communication and Promotion. 

Exhibiting artists included:  
Freya E Morris
TRICKY issue1. “A Women Scored” series - 7 large scale pieces.
Magazine pages, torn and scored. Held up against the face and photographed. Shot on an iPhone and blown up on the photocopier. Each image is 4 x A0 panels, folded, clipped and hung at the corners.
Gilbert Braun
A series of still life fashion images exploring the material status of garments from MA Fashion Design Graduate James Theseus Buck.
Carolina Molossi
A photographic exploration of the female body; t’s connotations and contradictory meanings.
Ella Astrom
A series of images looking at the relationship between the human form and nature.

Image credit: Gilbert Braun