A+: 100 yrs of visual communication by women at CSM

Large multicolored letter 'A'
Work by Morag Myserscough, photo by Marcus Ginns

16 February - 22 March 2016

This exhibition showcased graphic communication by Central Saint Martins’ female alumni and staff over the past century. Client commissioned work was included along research projects, showing graphic communication as an accessible subject and an area of intellectual enquiry.

Work by established practitioners such as Morag Myerscough, Astrid Stavro, Lucienne Roberts and Sara De Bondt was shown together with earlier 20th century pieces by designers like Heather 'Herry' Perry, Dora Batty and Kathleen Hale. The exhibition also featured work from many emerging designers, and over 50 practitioners were included.

Why women? Gender representation in the historical and contemporary graphic arena does not reflect the large numbers of women studying the subject who go on to enter the profession, or the contribution women have made to the discipline's history. This exhibition aimed to be part of the growing movement to redress this.
Many pieces on show were from the CSM Museum and Study Collection. Visit CSM News to read the interview with curator Ruth Sykes.