Lost & Found

Lost & Found is a collaboration between students, graduates, teachers, researchers and archivists, commissioned by the Teaching and Learning Exchange. It raises questions surrounding the myth of a golden era of arts education and in some instances collapses distinctions between past and present.

Based upon the findings of the 'Lost & Found' research project this exhibition traced changes in learning and teaching practices (dominant, residual and emergent) at the University of the Arts London and its constituent colleges from 1975 to 2015. This forty-year period witnessed major changes in the governance and funding of Higher Education modifying and, in some instances, transforming pedagogic aims and approaches. 

Lost & Found utilised descriptive, analytical, archival and visual methods to map these shifts. It presented evidence gleaned from both the past and the present, indicating instances of transformation as well as continuities. Artefacts were drawn from the Museum & Study Collection, University Archives and Special Collections Centre and Chelsea College of Arts Library, and appeared alongside work by current UAL students and recent graduates.

This exhibition ran from 5 - 31 July 2017.