Loop: The Film Workshop Space since the 1960s

Known as the era of Independent and Underground Cinema, the late 1960s saw a rampant expansion in the development of film workshops and experimental film labs in London. This inspired and attracted a new generation of artists trained in other media towards filmmaking. The workshops encouraged the idea of collaboration and interdisciplinary work, experimental approaches and communal production. They were often used for screening sessions, which were considered an important part of learning about filmmaking.

This exhibition refers to the idea of film as a ‘work in progress’, and communicates our research into the Saint Martins Fine Art Archive, which spans a vast collection of documents and minutia from the late sixties to early 2000s. The objects found in the archive are varied, ranging from student photos and profiles to exhibition material and institutional administrative documents. The research provides insight into the lives and work of the students, their progress and the establishment of the Film and Video course at Saint Martins.

The exhibition articulates the idea of the workshop as a physical tool, an independent space, a creative practice and collective effort, and it functions as a metaphor of the late sixties’ film workshops and their independent and radical attitude towards artistic practice. Unfinished works related to filmmaking are exhibited, as well as documents and ephemera from the archive.

The exhibition ran from 27 April to 8 May 2017.