Workshop: Kill The Art School

People in groups talking, CSM, 2013.
Three girls talking, CSM, 2013.
Four people talking, CSM, 2013.
Man with flip chart talking, CSM, 2013.
'What's The Point Of Art School?' logo, CSM, 2013.

This debate and workshop looked at disruptive approaches to the future of the Art School. Led by Jamie Brassett and Nick Rhodes. This event took place on 10 May 2013.

The art school has always been a place where it is safe to be edgy, where the certainties of the world are questioned and their opposites championed. However, when the world is chaotic and the sureties of our lives have dissolved, what then? For us, chaos has always been an opportunity for creative innovation, rather than a problem that needs either mitigation or solving. Surely we can be sure of uncertainty, but when our own edifice dissolves, what then? What happens if we kill the art school?