Talk: What's The Point Of Art School If You're Not An Artist

As the government seeks to limit art and creative subjects in secondary school and business seeks creativity and alternative methodologies, we ask ourselves what value the art school offers beyond art?

While it is clear that the art school has a long tradition of nurturing and promoting individuals to become artists, what can be gained from the art school environment if you are not planning to be an artist?

This event took place on Wednesday 8 May 2013 in the Platform Theatre.

  • Geoff Makstutis (Chair), Course Leader BA Architecture Spaces & Objects, CSM
  • Carole Collet, Reader in Textile Futures, CSM
  • Celine Condorelli, Artist
  • Alison Green, Course Leader MA Culture, Criticism and Curation, CSM 
  • Owen Hatherley, Author and Critic
  • Colin Priest, Course Leader BA Interior & Spatial Design, Chelsea
  • Paul Williams, Architect, Stanton Williams