Archive: Real Estates

Real Estates was a six week multi-purpose project coordinated by art collective Fugitive Images that opened at PEER gallery as a social, discursive and imaginative space around issues of housing and spatial justice in East London through a constantly changing series of exhibitions, screenings, discussions, readings and workshops. The event programme brought together discussions around eviction, displacement and homelessness and their expression through an art that is committed to being made public and shared.

Alongside work around their seven year Estate project by Fugitive Images, they invited thinkers, practitioners and groups to collaborate, including Focus E15 Mothers, Tom Hunter, Bekki Perriman, Jeremy Till, Andre Anderson, John Smith, DIG Collective and many more.

Fugitive Images are Andrea Luka Zimmerman and David Roberts, a collaborative cultural activist producing agency, with a particular interest in, and commitment to, the social organisation of urban space. In association with PEER, LUX, RESTLESS FUTURES. 

This event took place from 18 February to 28 March 2015.