Archive: Open Source Housing Crisis Workshop

Open Source Housing Crisis was a one day workshop concerned with scoping communication technologies with potential to disrupt this condition. The aim was to consider the design of network-based tools that would nurture a many to many approach to (1) better understanding and engagement with policy changes and relevant expertise; (2) experimenting with alternative models that destabalise the central role of the housing association / developer in decision making about the future of housing in London. This workshop was joint hosted by CSM’s Graphic Communication Design and Spatial Practices Programmes.

With a shortfall of 100,000 units per year and a decline in the availability of social tenancies, developers and housing associations charge Londoners an excessive premium for the service of organising groups of people with the common need of accommodation into buildings that are often poorly designed, cheaply constructed and disadvantageously financed. The political and financial structures, such as the mis-alignment of average wages to the GLA’s interpretations of ‘affordability’ and predominance of unsecure tenancies, that fuel London’s housing crisis continue to evolve beneath the radar of public scrutiny.

Download: Call for Proposals: Open Source Housing Crisis‌ (PDF, 192.9 KB)