Real Dirty Blue

Susan Campbell

23 February - 1 April

The CSM Museum and Study Collection collects work by staff, students and alumni and reveals a long tradition of innovative practice. This exhibition (co-curated with teaching staff from BA Textile Design) told the story of a century of textile design at CSM from the hand block printed textiles of the 1930s to more recent experiments in knitting, weaving, digital printing and laser cutting. The focus of this display was on the process behind the finished pieces – the sketchbooks, prototypes and samples that show how the designer’s ideas have developed over time. The work of 26 designers was on show including teaching staff and students from 1927 to 2015.


Howard Asher | Laura Baker | Ann Bristow | Philippa Brock | Susan Campbell | Joyce Clissold | Malcolm Cocks | Carole Collet | Eileen Ellis | Linda Florence | Skye Gwillim | Mary Harper | Rosemary House | Rebecca Hoyes |  Jessica Hymas | Sue Jenkyn Jones | Elina Kopola | Derek Lawlor | Anne Marr | Jaimee McKenna |  George Morgan | Elaine Ng | Claire O’Brien | Harriet Rose Paynter | Jo Pierce | Stephanie Rolph | Emma Rickards | Nadia-Anne Ricketts | Rebecca Skelton | Anne Smith | Lorna Smith | Studio Houndstooth | Priti Veja & Marta Velasco Velasco  

Many pieces on show were from the CSM Museum and Study Collection.

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Exhibition Catalogue