Creative Unions

16 September - 21 October 2017

Creativity knows no boundaries.

The contemporary world must be defined not by boundary or binary but connection. Sharing the work of graduating Central Saint Martins students, Creative Unions celebrated the power of designers to challenge isolationism. 

At the heart of the London Design Festival's King’s Cross design district, Creative Unions showed how – from a board game to solve conflict or a sustainable solution for the housing crisis to fashion that’s part-propaganda – the next generation of designers are responding to current contexts with urgency and ingenuity.  Identity, collaboration, conflict resolution, community, alternative realities, technological innovation, social issues, the environment, activism, crossings – just some of the contexts of the work on show in Creative Unions. 


Find out more about the designers:

Vitoria Bastos and Adele Davies - The Romance of the Skeleton (BA Graphic Design)

Image of model

William Scarborough - Green Grapes (BA Fashion Communication and Promotion)

A very detailed hand stitched brooch

Lucy Ganley - Show your Solidarity (BA Jewellery Design)

Sachiko Osawa - Yami-ichi: Money Can't Buy You Art (MA Narrative Environments)

Three models wearing Tolu Coker's BA Fashion collection
A hot air balloon style kite flying through clouds.

Lily Tagiuri - Cloud Catcher (MA Industrial Design)

Illustrated architectural image of a cross section of an abattoir

Cenan Afsarpour - Meet your Meat (BA Architecture)

An brightly coloured image of a pair of high-waisted knickers made out of discarded material

Ruby Parker - Wear What You Waste (BA Jewellery Design)

Illustration of people stood on a highstreet

Berta Valló - Paraphrase (BA Graphic Design)

Hana Fujimoto - Hidden Beauty in the Accidental (BA Textile Design)

Elena Gomez De Valcarcel - Familia
Elena Gomez De Valcarcel - Familia
Image of a piece of jewellery from Anna Tuhus' collection.

Anna Tuhus - A Stones Throw (BA Jewellery Design)

Helen Milne - Archiving the Anthropocene (BA Textile Design)

Photograph of a board game

Kaye Toland - Make It or Break It (BA Product Design)

Still from opening credits of a movie. Reads ' China Heart a documentary by Georgina Yi Wan'.

Georgina Yi Wan - China Heart (BA Fashion Communication: Fashion Journalism)

Image of a person underground holding a giant worm.

Nina CutlerLiv Bargman - Quantworm Mine (MA Material Futures/MA Art and Science)

  • Goom Heo - Football Jersey

    (BA Fashion)

  • Ellen Nyqvist - Dogme Design

    (BA Product Design)

  • Marta Giralt Dunjo - Virtual X

    Visit Marta's website

    (MA Material Futures)

Junya Iida - Portrait of a City (BA Graphic Design)

Photograph of a hand holding a gadget attached to an iphone

Anne Charpentier - In Quest of Alleviation

Sheryn Akiki - The Blue Index 1.1 (BA Fashion Design with Marketing)

Animated scene depicting an elderly man floating in a cloud.

Jiani Zhao and Emanuele Romano - Stroke  (MA Character Animation)

Photograph of an inflatable house fitted in a gap between two houses

Frankie Moughton-Small - The Plastic Sea (BA Jewellery Design)

Illustrated life cycle

Maram Alsubaie - 12 Months of Birth Neighbourhood Birth Centre (BA Architecture)

People working in an allotment on a residential street.

Sui Yu Au - Cross Generational CoLiving (BA Architecture) 

Image of a psychedelic ceramic shoe

Samuel Gull - Bump Before Bang (MA Design: Ceramics)

Guan Xiang - Symbiotic Objects (MA Industrial Design)

Photograph of an ceramic owl figure

Lena Peters - Secrets of the Hidden North (BA Ceramic Design)



  • Jenny Banks - Sustainable Fast Fashion

    Visit Jenny's website

    (MA Material Futures)

  • Jiahui Liang - Laughing Magpie Chair

    Visit Jiahui's website

    (MA Design: Furniture)

  • Matthew Needham - Man, and his man-made future

    (BA Fashion)

Image of a hand holding a device attached to a mobile phone.

Gerardo Jose Leon Galvez - The Microbiomes Collective (MA Industrial Design)

1984 written through tweets

Emma King - Trump Tweets 1984 (MA Communication Design)

Promotional shot of m-cycle boxes.

Kaye Toland - M-Cycle (BA Product Design)

Image of an open catalogue which introduces the 'Foreign Affairs' project

Kathryn Basterfield - Foreign Affairs (MA Communication Design)

Image of foam structures hanging from a structure.

Laurence Neal - Mobilising Liverpool’s Heritage (M ARCH Architecture)

Maria Laffitte - Holis: A Permaculture Game

Maria Laffitte - Holis: A Permaculture Game

Illustrated image of people holding up protest banners

Shanshan Liu - Mind the Gap (MA Narrative Environments)

Tom Geoffrey Atkinson - The Micro-Developments Bureau

Tom Geoffrey Atkinson - The Micro-Developments Bureau (M ARCH Architecture)

Close-up photograph of a woman.

Vitoria Von Lachmann De Mello Franco - displayisarehearsal (BA Fashion Communication and Promotion)

A selection of black, white and yellow posters.

Yasmina Aoun - Free Parti (MA Communication Design)


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