Shifting Reality

Design is always a combination of fact and fiction. It draws from reality – something that already exists – and through imagination results in a new creation, a new reality.

Jurate Garcionyte, Brain Waves exhibitor

These designers generate moments of meaning in a contemporary world that can seem chaotic and arbitrary. They reframe their subjects, offering their audience new perspectives. From making the digital manifest to transforming the everyday into the extraordinary, these designers refocus our attention, demanding we reconsider that which surrounds us. They may range over disparate territories and communities, but each uses design to reconfigure and reform.

Reality and fantasy blur many of these projects from Gareth Wrighton’s horror show digital platform for selling handmade garments and Lucie Davis’s jewellery adding a little magic to the everyday to Carla Motola’s architectural follies encouraging contemporary expression through historic political protest. For these designers, the line between digital and real is crossed again and again as Nils Braun creates Michelangelo’s David from tourists’ online photographs, Kezia Kong’s installation invites you to step into the internet and duo Georgia Cranstoun and Jūratė Gačionytė share tales of their travels to Nowhere in Particular via Google Street View.