Fred Deakin presents Intravox

30 October - 12 November 2015

Intravox was an immersive, interactive, audio-visual installation created by UAL’s Chair of Interactive Digital Art, Fred Deakin. This exhibition in the Lethaby Gallery was the sequel to Fred Deakin’s ‘Electricity Comes From Other Planets’ commissioned by Paris’ La Gaite Lyrique in 2012.

From 30 October until 12 November, five large "alien heads" landed in the Lethaby Gallery: until they were approached they were asleep, but once one of them sensed an individual approaching it would awaken. Once awake each head would sing a phrase, note or word: the exact output, tone and sound depended on the hand movements of the observer who conducted their own sculpture and attempt to create unison with other audience members. The five voices were soprano, alto, tenor, bass and beatbox, together they created a complete soundscape from multiple elements, entirely unique every time it was generated. 

Alongside the exhibition, Fred Deakin hosted an artists led lunchtime tour of the exhibition that was free and open to the public.

Intel and Bowers and Wilkins generously supported this exhibition.