BA Textiles Design and Make

10 – 12 December 2014

Design & Make celebrated the specialist skills of 64 BA Textiles second year students and explores the three design directions: Fluctuation; Super Botanic; and A Place of Longing.

The power of making has recently become a welcomed juxtaposition to an increasingly digitally rendered world. Industrial finesse offers many new opportunities but often lacks direct authorship. In response to pressing digital developments many designers have rediscovered the unique value of the hand-made, celebrating making skills that communicate a personal ‘handwriting’.

The crossover of craft making and industrial process can be quite exhilarating: old prejudices don’t apply anymore and contemporary textiles have many hybrid qualities that benefit from slow and fast processes.

This exhibition aimed to make the complex process of making more visible through the display of sketchbooks, prototypes and machinery in order to portray process-led design developments. A weave and knit machine was available for visitors to the gallery.