Annhilation Event Event Schedule

CSM Photosculpture by Anthony Crossfield
CSM Photosculpture by Anthony Crossfield

A series of events from experiments to screenings took place as part of Annihilation Event, 22 - 29 March.

Modes of Assembly | Wednesday 22 March

A Vision for Europe:

English/ British Art and the Mediterranean, Mick Finch/Johannes Von Muller in collaboration with Bilderfahrzeuge and the Warburg institute. Andy Jones, Professor in Archaeology at the University of Southampton. John Stezaker.

Reflectance Transformation Imaging:

Liz Wright, Ian Dawson, Thomas Allison, Marta Diaz Guardamino, Jet Jet , Bernd Behr.

On screen: Bernd Behr: Solar Regime (Nasmyth Moon)


Bernd Behr The Paranoiac-Critical Method of Reflectance Transformation Imaging. 

Drawing and Other Writing: SE Barnet.

On Screen: Sally Morfill and Ana Cavic: Rules that order the reading of clouds

Photogrammetry and Casting | Thursday 23 March


Congealing Spaces and Polyvalent Lacunae: Tracing Pompeiian voids into the digital: Paul Reilly, pioneer of digital archaeology and Visiting Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Southampton. Alexandra Warwick, Professor of English Studies at the University of Westminster.

30 seats in the Gallery, first come first served.

Photogrammetric Recording 

Naomi Dines, John Wollaston, Harry Moss Badrick, Nicola Lorini 
CSM Photosculpture Group Workshop / Reclusive Objects
Jack Marder, Kirstin Barnes 

On Screen: Eric King: Role Playing and Free Roaming, Harry Moss Badrick, Nicola Lorini.


Copy Project Tour of the CSM Museum and Study Collection Window responding to The David Usborne Collection, UAL Archives and Special Collections Centre. 

Annihilation Event | Friday 24 March


Annihilation Event: Michael Doser, research physicist at CERN. Introduced by Bernd Behr. 
An Archaeology of the Immaterial: Victor Buchli, Professor of Material Culture in the Department of Anthropology at UCL & Andy Jones, Professor in Archaeology at the University of Southampton.


Topologies, calculus and doughnuts: Ami Clarke and Alex Schady
Navigation: Pierre Huyghebaert, Waend, Jo Wheeler, Naomi Dines, Mia Taylor, Sarah Campbell.


The Portolan Chart and Belgian Litho-stone

On Screen: Infra-idol Assembly (2016), Steven Claydon. © The Artist, courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London


Assassination Weapon [30 mins]
Ian Dawson and WSA.

Reception and launch of Philosophy of Photography Journal special issue: Shadow without Object. 

The Department of Subjective Archaeology | Saturday 25 March


Greg Nijs: “besides, too — articulating the otherwise-possible”.


The Department of Subjective Archaeology. Jean Pierre Muller, Pierre Huyghebaert, Marc Hulson, ENSAV La Cambre Brussels.
with CSM Photosculpture group and CSM Casting/Ghosting group

On Screen: screening programme curated by Marc Hulson

Virtual Reality | Tuesday 28 March


Daniel Rubinstein: “posthuman, all too posthuman”. 


in Exchange 2 Anthony Davies and Elizabeth Wright

On Screen: quasi Monte Carlo, Paul Simon Richards 

On Screen: The Ballad of Virtual Dependency, W-Hat Archive. 

Sounds and Spaces | Wednesday 29 March 

Sound and Spaces curated by Susan Trangmar

European Space Agency | Tiffany Howe | National Geographic | Jane Phillips | Jo Jo Taylor | Shu Zhang | Subash Thebe, Christelle Viviers

Alex Landrum Stockhausen’s Hymnen Regions 3 and 4


Destruction of an Image Sensor, Stephen Cornford