MullenLowe Nova Awards Shortlist

Show One Shortlist

  • Juliana Dorso stood with her work

    Juliana Dorso
    BA Fine Art

    Room sets inspired by women in senior religious roles present ‘a room of one’s own’ within a European ecumenical feminist project.

  • Matteo Valerio
    MA Fine Art XD

    From provenance to process, a practice connecting to the evocative qualities of materials with the primitive agency of making.

  • Yixiao Shao
    MA Photography

    The process of durational performance to mark life through pain, release and real experience.

  • Hannah Scott
    MA Art & Science

    Visualising and communicating climate change, the connections between consumerism in Britain and the Arctic environment, through the lens of plastic waste.

Show Two Shortlist

  • Emma King stood next to her work in the Lethaby Gallery

    Emma King
    MA Communication Design

    Reframing George Orwell's 1984 through the prism of President Trump's tweets.

  • Jiani Zhao and Emanuele Romano sat next to a poster of their work.

    Jiani Zhao and Emanuele Romano
    MA Character Animation

    Animating the subjective and sometimes unexpected experience of having a stroke.

  • Hana Fujimoto stood next to her work

    Hana Fujimoto
    BA Textile Design

    Chance and spontaneity inform print-based body pieces for kinetic performance.

  • Helen Milne stood next to her work.

    Helen Milne
    BA Textile Design

    A collection of polluted and processed protest flags for a politically-minded, climate-conscious generation.

  • Kaye Toland sat next to her work.

    Kaye Toland
    BA Product Design

    Designing a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable menstruation management service.

  • Lucy Ganley stood next to her work.

    Lucy Ganley
    BA Jewellery Design

    A collection of badges and brooches giving voice and visibility to prisoners.

  • Marie Laffitte
    MA Industrial Design

    Exploring how permaculture principles can inform serious play for children in an urban school environment.

  • Matthew Needham stood next to his work.

    Matthew Needham
    BA Fashion

    Material waste from industry and fly-tipped finds are transformed into a critique on commodity culture.

  • Sasha Bruml stood next to his work.

    Sasha Bruml
    BA Product Design

    A bike saddle that capitalises on developments in data and manufacturing technology to offer a bespoke experience.

  • Shanshan Liu stood next to her work.

    Shanshan Liu
    MA Narrative Environments

    A creative campaign against land banking highlighting the social gap in the official responses to the housing crisis.