MullenLowe Nova Awards Longlist

Show One Nominees

  • Ben Lansky
    MA Photography

    Through the use of simple image and video editing software, Ben Lansky reorients the reality of his images.

  • Hannah Scott
    MA Art and Science

    Visualising and communicating climate change, the connections between consumerism in Britain and the Arctic environment, through the lens of plastic waste

  • James Tailor
    MA Fine Art

    Questioning the nature of painting, Tailor’s installations combine the personal and the playful.

  • Juliana Dorso
    BA Fine Art XD

    Room sets inspired by women in senior religious roles present ‘a room of one’s own’ within a European ecumenical feminist project.

  • Adam Patterson and Levi Naidu-Mitchell
    BA Fine Art XD

    Celebrating the resilience of the Afro-Caribbean community in the face of adversity, this collaborative piece brings Carnival to the College.

  • Maria Macc
    MA Art and Science

    From the medical traditions of dissection and anatomical modelling to a contemporary art practice considering life, death and the body

  • Nathaniel Faulkner
    BA Fine Art 2D

    Creating sculpture as simulacra, Faulkner takes Inspiration from the relationship between technology and myth in the Melanesian cargo cults.

  • Sam Shaw
    BA Fine Art 2D

    A sculptural practice based around Buddhist principals, empathy and spiritualism

  • Thomas Allison
    BA Fine Art 3D

    Exploring how technology, through its dislocation from the human, has become open to manipulation through the irrational logic of advanced capitalism

  • Victoria Young
    BA Fine Art 3D

    Works with the concepts behind interface design, particularly the Interface Envelope

  • Bence Magyarlaki and Divine Southgate Smith
    BA Fine Art 4D

    Working at the cross-section of artistic disciplines, this duo blur the lines between architecture and performance.

  • Yixiao Shao
    MA Photography

    The process of durational performance to mark life through pain, release and real experience.

  • Matteo Valerio
    MA Fine Art

    From provenance to process, a practice connecting to the evocative qualities of materials with the primitive agency of making

  • Daria Blum
    BA Fine Art 4D

    Investigates authenticity and sincerity, the influence of masochism and suffering in art and performance

Show Two

  • Adam Paroussos
    BA Performance Design and Practice

    Self-made musical instruments and ‘sound costumes’ combine in performance and installation.

  • Anna Tuhus
    BA Jewellery Design

    Stones are transformed into jewellery acknowledging routes of travel and freedom to cross borders.

  • Dom Biddulph
    BA Graphic Design

    Preserving real space in virtual reality as a process of spatial archiving and memory.

  • Elena Gómez de Valćarcel
    BA Ceramic Design

    A collection of playful porcelain to support children’s development.

  • Emma King
    MA Graphic Communication Design

    Reframing George Orwell's 1984 through the prism of President Trump's tweets.

  • Hana Fujimoto
    BA Textile Design

    Chance and spontaneity inform print-based body pieces for kinetic performance.

  • Hannah Newell
    MA Design (Jewellery)

    Textiles processes are reinterpreted in metal to create an innovative jewellery collection

  • Helen Milne
    BA Textile Design

    A collection of polluted and processed protest flags for a politically-minded, climate-conscious generation.

  • Hwai-Jin Chen
    MA Character Animation

    An animation made using stop-motion based around a carousel exploring positive and negatives aspects of character.

  • Jahui Liang
    MA Design (Furniture)

    Traditional craftsmanship and digital customisation combine to create next-generation Chinoiserie.

  • Jenny Banks
    MA Material Futures

    Innovating a closed-loop life-cycle for fast fashion textiles.

  • Jiani Zhao and Emanuele Romano
    MA Character Animation

    Animating the subjective and sometimes unexpected experience of having a stroke.

  • Kaye Toland
    BA Product Design

    Designing a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable menstruation management service.

  • Laura Fischer
    BA Performance Design and Practice

    Mixing art and design disciplines with psychology and neuroscience to create new dialogues around trauma.

  • Lena Peters
    BA Ceramic Design

    The real and unreal merge in a collection of objects going on show for the very first time, introducing us to the lost beliefs of a forgotten tribe.

  • Lily Saporta-Tagiuri
    MA Industrial Design

    A collection of objects that expose the effects of a changing climate on everyday lives.

  • Lucy Ganley
    BA Jewellery Design

    A collection of badges and brooches giving voice and visibility to prisoners.

  • Marie Laffitte
    MA Industrial Design

    Exploring how permaculture principles can inform serious play for children in an urban school environment.

  • Marta Giralt Dunjó
    MA Material Futures

    Investigating the future of extreme sexual experiences in virtual reality.

  • Matthew Needham
    BA Fashion

    Material waste from industry and fly-tipped finds are transformed into a critique on commodity culture.

  • Olivia Sutherill
    BA Architecture

    Reunifying the divided sides of a Welsh town with a community workshop and programme of pavilion building.

  • Pamela Gottsponer
    MA Communication Design

    A browser extension and online space/community that allows digital citizens to share insights on their internet browsing routine and control their online appearance.

  • Sachiko Osawa
    MA Narrative Environments

    Challenging the current perception of art as a commodity, here is an auction with a difference.

  • Sasha Bruml
    BA Product Design

    A bike saddle that capitalises on developments in data and manufacturing technology to offer a bespoke experience.

  • Shanshan Liu
    MA Narrative Environments

    A creative campaign against land banking highlighting the social gap in the official responses to the housing crisis

  • Sophie Gilman
    BA Fashion

    Uses traditionally 'masculine' materials to address the ornamentation of women and the physical space they inhabit.

  • Sui Yu Au
    BA Architecture

    A hybrid NHS / residential typology – a unique cross-generational co-living co-working typology at Vauxhall City Farm.

  • Vitória Bastos
    BA Graphic Design

    From volcanoes to skeleton romance, this collection of illustrations and animations combines tradition, humour and satire.