MullenLowe Nova Awards Shortlist

Show One Shortlist

  • Julius Colwyn
    MA Art & Science

    In the Midst of Things: Human being: cells in a body, linked into the network, lost in the crowd. Within and without. We are part of something, and something to be part of.

  • Naomi Ellis
    BA Fine Art XD

    Operating as a collection of possibilities that contain fragments of “elsewhere” my work provides an exploration of what it means to be connected and reflects the romanticist longing found within the digital age; desires for a paradise through and beyond the screen.

  • Neale Willis
    MA Photography

    With sweets, beats and deleted Tweets, Neale's work breeds uncertainty by reshaping the usually reassuring definite of binary data.

  • Sarah Craske
    MA Art & Science

    Transforming art and science with a C17 edition of Ovid's Metamorphoses. Sarah defines and displays a new transdisciplinary practice.

Show Two Shortlist

  • Frank Lin
    BA Product Design

    The project presents an on-going design discourse, as well as inviting consumers and designers to view imperfection and errors in a different way.

  • Hanan Alkouh
    MA Material Futures

    How do we replicate the culture of meat keeping and meat eating in a post-meat world?

  • Lucie Davis
    BA Jewellery Design

    Challenging the conventions of jewellery by bringing a bit of magic to daily routines.

  • Maria Gasparian
    MA Design: Ceramics

    The self-supporting sculptural ceramic pieces and dynamic volumes, formed by extruded clay coils have an abstract plane with two faces that celebrates the plasticity of clay and brilliance of the glazes.

  • Marina Mellado Mendieta
    MA Industrial Design

    Neurogastronomy supports Cognitive Behavioural therapy recovery of an eating disorder called Orthorexia using sensorial tools and neurological procedures

  • Mark Laban
    MA Design: Furniture

    Digital Daiku is a project that interprets traditional Japanese aesthetic principals, exploring their possibilities for making furniture using contemporary digital manufacturing process.

  • Max Luo (Zijun Luo)
    MA Fashion

    The main idea behind the garment design was to use metallic body suits to present the skin tone of the robots, while wearing more typical human clothes to create a strong contrast effect.

  • Neda Ahmadi
    MA Character Animation

    A short animated film based on The Epic Of Gilgamesh, the oldest written story known to us.

  • Tina Gojanc
    MA Material Futures

    ‘Pure Human’ addresses shortcomings concerning the protection of biological information and move the debate forward by using current legal structures.

  • Will Astley
    BA Product Design

    Pangloss- A synthetic material that emulates the poetry of growth in plastic, driven by using cynicism in every step of the design process.