MullenLowe Nova Awards Longlist

Show One Nominees

  • Alexandra Gribaudi
    BA Fine Art 2D

    Materiality seeps into sensation. Details open perception. Paths into making, never twice the same. Each new gaze mutates the whole.

  • Catarina Cubelo
    MA Fine Art

    Culminating in a performance by 7 subjects directed by the artist, “Sound Sang Suddenly” departs from a script into a score for a collective singing language which transcends cultural linguistic limits.

  • Christelle Viviers
    MA Fine Art

    The body, impact and influences of life occurrences and how the body shapes through those conditions, are my process and my work.

  • Ayesha Tan Jones
    BA Fine Art 3D

    In a parallel world with no safe air left to breathe, where the government and the corporations are suffocating the people with their power, and only the elite have the money to ‘breathe in style’.

  • Emanuel Tomozei
    BA Fine Art 4D

    A VR performance exploring new ways digital media can be integrated within the live arts and how sense perception can be extended to virtual bodies. Long live the New Flesh.

  • Jaron Hill and Angelina Jesson
    BA Fine Art 4D

    Video installation work imagines the birth of an alien duo whose existence deep inside an ecosystem of digital imagery is fractured by the stark reality of the physical, human realm

  • Jessica Young
    BA Fine Art 3D

    Determining a new sculptural vernacular through awareness of the parameters between the physical and the digital, in terms of both materiality, the space in which they exist and their suggested confluence.

  • Julius Colwyn
    MA Art & Science

    In the Midst of Things: Human being: cells in a body, linked into the network, lost in the crowd. Within and without. We are part of something, and something to be part of.

  • Maria de la O Garrido
    MA Photography

    The selection of elements from a disperse spectrum of possibilities and 'places'; juxtaposing, re-contextualising and re-aligning to create new meanings.

  • Naomi Ellis
    BA Fine Art XD

    Operating as a collection of possibilities that contain fragments of “elsewhere” my work provides an exploration of what it means to be connected and reflects the romanticist longing found within the digital age; desires for a paradise through and beyond the screen.

  • Neale Willis
    MA Photography

    With sweets, beats and deleted Tweets, Neale's work breeds uncertainty by reshaping the usually reassuring definite of binary data.

  • Sarah Craske
    MA Art & Science

    Transforming art and science with a C17 edition of Ovid's Metamorphoses. Sarah defines and displays a new transdisciplinary practice.

  • Zara Ramsay
    BA Fine Art XD

    A pseudo scientific investigation of our experience of materiality in the 21st century–how do our bodies measure up against other things now?

  • Zarina Muhammad
    BA Fine Art 2D

    Loosely based on the format//mode of address of Mariah Carey’s episode of MTV Cribs.

Show Two Nominees

  • Anita Wolska
    BA Performance Design and Practice

    An introduction to how social stigma towards mental illness affects human lives at every stage.

  • Di Peng
    MA Industrial Design

    How do dementia patients experience life? Can we experience what they see, what they hear and what they think by entering their sensory world?

  • Emily Schofield
    BA Graphic Design

    Examining the relationship between form and context in typography, and questions societal structures in our current 'Information Age'.

  • Felix Steindl
    BA Graphic Design

    An intuitive and interactive installation involving several screens and a remote control. In the early years of television, test cards were static test signals broadcast when the transmitter was active but no programme was being broadcast.

  • Fran Woodcock
    MA Character Animation

    Something beautiful, functional, and entertaining, without sacrificing the integrity of a traditional bedtime story.

  • Frank Lin
    BA Product Design

    The project presents an on-going design discourse, as well as inviting consumers and designers to view imperfection and errors in a different way.

  • Hanan Alkouh
    MA Material Futures

    How do we replicate the culture of meat keeping and meat eating in a post-meat world?

  • Helena Jordan
    BA Architecture

    Northdown Network transforms the lives of culturally diverse social groups; through play & interaction; forming trust, identity & belonging.

  • Helga Aradottir
    BA Textile Design

    The selection of elements from a disperse spectrum of possibilities and 'places'; juxtaposing, re-contextualising and re-aligning to create new meanings.

  • Joely Clinkard
    BA Ceramic Design XD

    A spiritual and expressive celebration of the diverse groups of humans and vibrant wild spaces which make up a cityscape.

  • Jonathon Howard
    BA Architecture

    Just as the process of death is intriguing, buildings do have the ability to be resurrected through processes of renovation and restoration.

  • Josephine Ortega
    BA Textile Design

    Investigating the perception of 'comfort', culminating in concept proposals for transport seating.

  • Lea Nagano
    MA Narrative Environments

    A platform for inclusive exchange and dialogue about race, culture and its implications.

  • Lucie Davis
    BA Jewellery Design

    Challenging the conventions of jewellery by bringing a bit of magic to daily routines.

  • Maria Gasparian
    MA Design: Ceramics

    The self-supporting sculptural ceramic pieces and dynamic volumes, formed by extruded clay coils have an abstract plane with two faces that celebrates the plasticity of clay and brilliance of the glazes.

  • Marina Mellado Mendieta
    MA Industrial Design

    Neurogastronomy supports Cognitive Behavioural therapy recovery of an eating disorder called Orthorexia using sensorial tools and neurological procedures

  • Mark Laban
    MA Design: Furniture

    Digital Daiku is a project that interprets traditional Japanese aesthetic principals, exploring their possibilities for making furniture using contemporary digital manufacturing process.

  • Max Luo (Zijun Luo)
    MA Fashion

    The main idea behind the garment design was to use metallic body suits to present the skin tone of the robots, while wearing more typical human clothes to create a strong contrast effect.

  • Neda Ahmadi
    MA Character Animation

    A short animated film based on The Epic Of Gilgamesh, the oldest written story known to us.

  • Nils Braun
    MA Communication Design

    Investigating and mapping our contemporary photographic and documenting behaviour

  • Pei-Hsin Chen
    MA Narrative Environments

    'Real Life/Real Time' is a large video screen installation in a public space. It shows, in real time, the complete breeding cycle of a Black Stork family in Latvia.

  • Sergiy Grechyshkin
    MA Fashion

    Utilising objects of everyday life, to develop shapes and silhouettes directly on a dummy through a series of spontaneous experiments exploring Cy Twombly’s chaotic painting technique.

  • Srabani Ghosh
    BA Ceramic Design

    A response to Central Saint Martins at Kings Cross using ceramics as a medium to explore ways of developing a visual language.

  • Stacey Huang BA Jewellery Design

    Inviting people to rethink the value of fast-moving consumption by transforming signs of commerce into fine jewellery.

  • Susanna Cheng
    BA Performance Design and Practice

    白雪 Snow White is inspired by the director’s documentary about the lives of rural women in China, the film puts a twist on the classic tale of Snow White.

  • Tina Gojanc
    MA Material Futures

    ‘Pure Human’ addresses shortcomings concerning the protection of biological information and move the debate forward by using current legal structures.

  • Tommaso Russo
    MA Communication Design

    Emerging Contexts is an experimental podcast that continues to rewrite the answer to “how to have nothing to say, but saying it anyway”.

  • Will Astley
    BA Product Design

    Pangloss- A synthetic material that emulates the poetry of growth in plastic, driven by using cynicism in every step of the design process.