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Restless Futures at the London Design Festival

Contested Spaces was a forum hosted by the Spatial Practices Programme that explored the complexity of current approaches to the production of public/social spaces. 

Perform 24-11-14 was an interactive event that questioned the boundaries of performance.

Invited guests presented their current projects and discussed the promises of open data for democratising information flows and access.

The Imagining the Commons workshop investigated the role of designers in imagining the commons, setting common goals, resource sharing and participatory design.

Artist Becky Shaw questions the value of a particular approach to staying by talking about her experiences of moving things around. 

David Harding talks about his experience as 'Town Artist' of Glenrothes from 1968-78. 

Andrea Luka Zimmerman discusses Estate, a film that documents an on-going dialogue with the Hackney estate where they lived for eighteen years. 

The Restless Futures programme ran for twelve months, culminating in a major conference in June 2015.

Key events consisted of a series of seminars, workshops, exhibitions, performances, and talks that addressed four key themes: No More Stuff, Democratising Innovation, Disruptive Technologies and Expanded Boundaries. 

Introduction to Restless Futures

We live in an age of extraordinary change in which the futures opening up before us are uncertain and volatile. Many of the standard methods of thinking and action are being left grounded as new systems and networks evolve at high speed.

Art and design disciplines, with their lateral, contingent and speculative means, are in a good position to address these restless futures, and to posit how creativity might engage in societal transformation.

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